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Why reading is important

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parents reading to a child
Reading bedtime stories to your child expands their imagination.
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Being able to read opens the door to possibilities.

Although there was a time when being able to read was for the rich or scholarly only, it is now a basic necessity and offered to everyone. Reading sparks the imagination and keeps you informed on day-to-day happenings in your town or around the world. Whether you realize it or not, just to get through a typical day, you are constantly reading. Safety labels on prescription medications, instructions on the back of cake mixes and the daily mail are just a few instances of why reading is important.  

Children can Slay Dragons or Fly to the Moon

It is important to start children at a young age to read. Start by reading bedtime stories, teaching them the alphabet and eventually providing beginning reader books. Children should never look at reading as chore, but should read books that also open the world to their imagination and its possibilities. Learning to read and comprehend what they are reading will give a child a head start in school and on into their adult lives. Reading to a child is very rewarding as a child loves to hear stories and will hang on your every word.

Reading Opens More Doors for Adults

For adults, there are excellent adult literacy programs that can help strengthen their reading skill level. These programs are offered in most communities and can give adults the confidence they need in seeking better paying jobs or just feel good about picking up a magazine and reading about gardening, sports or the latest home decor tips. Learning to read opens up more avenues for adults and removes the frustration of trying to second guess. 

Here is a list of more reasons why reading is important:

In the Business world: In this day and age of computers and technology, being able to read and understand what you are reading is important. There is correspondence to answer, contracts to read over, and orders to fill. Just looking for a job means there is a job application to fill out. It is difficult these days to find a job that doesn't require some sort of computer skill level as well. From filling out a daily log sheet to preparing a corporate annual report on the computer, being computer literate goes a long way.

Just for Fun: Reading can also be quite relaxing and enjoyable. There are many types of books waiting to be picked up and read - romance novels, western, science fiction, and self-help books to name a few.  If you have always wanted to learn how to build or make something, there are countless books and magazines that provide the instructions. Another reason why reading is important is that it goes hand in hand with writing. Dropping a handwritten note or card in the mail to a loved one is always a nice surprise. 

Read to be Safe: Again, being able to read the labels to prescription or over the counter medications keeps you safe and healthy. Warning labels on products keeps you from getting hurt or worse. Electronic message boards on roads warning of a detour or accident ahead is another example of why reading is important.

For adults and children alike, reading paves the way to happier, more fulfilling lives. Take the time to read to a child or read for your own pleasure and relaxation. You won't be dissappointed.

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