How to pay for an engagement ring

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Picking out your fiance's engagement ring will be much easier if you know your budget, her tastes and the ring size she wears
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Make sure you buy your love's engagement ring the right way.

An engagement ring symbolizes love, trust, dedication, hope and a future. When a couple gets engaged they are making a statement to their family and friends by saying, 'I have found the one person I am ready to settle down with and start a new life with.' It is a time of joy and renewed love.

Getting the right ring

When a spouse goes to pick out the ring they will give to their intended it is usually a time of nervousness because they have no idea what they are looking for. After all, this is the ring their significant other will wear to show their union. The price of the rings may vary and they can usually be priced anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. 

How to pay for an engagement ring is usually at the top of any significant other's list. If not planned correctly, there can be debt going into the marriage. A couple of months pay is usually saved up as a down payment for the ring.

It's smart to research first

Going to pick out an engagement ring is more than just money, it is a journey. The groom-to-be should do his research first before buying an engagement ring. Knowledge of the cut, clarity, carat and color should be known. Once the groom arrives to the jeweler, he'll see many different rings and speak with them in ring terms.

Knowing the likes and dislikes of your beloved is also a wise choice. The intended fiancÚ should know what will make his bride-to-be happy when it comes to a ring. In case the groom is a little forgetful, it would be wise to take along someone else on the shopping trip who knows the intended bride very well.

Not only should the groom know her likes and dislikes, but he should also know her ring size. Getting a ring that she wears often is a good way to make sure a correct size is purchased.  How to get that ring as a measuring tool is a trick in itself.

Know your budget

While picking out the ring know exactly what your range of spending or budget is. With that important piece of information in mind you should find it easier to stay within that budget range. Knowing your budget also brings clarity to the question of how to pay for an engagement ring. 

There are many forms of payments one can look into. One being (if money is no object) that you should pay cash for the ring. Paying it off beforehand will give you a free mind and less debt moving into the wedding plans. If money is of no concern for you, you can put it on a credit card. In doing so, keep in mind the interest rate and the card penalties. You do not want to go into this new phase of your life being in debt.

Financing and layaway plans

Another alternative would be to finance. Find a loan that has equity and you can have a longer extended payment plan. This is known as a secured loan. On a secured loan you would be able to get longer repayment periods and lower rates.

Another way you pay for the ring is through a layaway plan. With a layaway plan you can put down the amount you want. There is no interest and you get up to three months in which to pay it off. Make payments in between to pay it off quicker.

However you choose to pay for your engagement ring, keep in mind the ring may help you get the answer you are hoping for so pick a nice one.

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