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Beyond meat and potatoes

By Jean Sanders
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meat and potatoes
What we eat has changed through exposure to new cultures and new ingredients.
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Remembering the 1950's with Gourmet Food Online

Back in the 1950's, unless you lived in a big city, the chances are the only types of ethnic food available in your area were Italian and Chinese. Even those cuisines were limited to red sauce covered Italian dishes like lasagna and bland Cantonese Chinese meals such as moo goo gai pan.

Not so today. There has been an explosion of food flavors which can even be found in gourmet food online. Mexican food was perhaps the earliest one to penetrate the national consciousness, as the Tex-Mex influence and low prices of Mexican fast food chains. By combining beans, cheese, meat, different types of tortillas and sauces from mild to get the fire extinguisher, an almost limitless combination of tasty dishes can be prepared. Americans are now comfortable with chipotle and jalapeno peppers since they can find them right in their own neighborhoods.

Asian cuisine is another popular dinner treat. But now that extends to Thai food with its mouth exciting flavors, Japanese food from sushi to tempura and the mysterious Korean delicacies that come in bento boxes.

Many of these exotic foods can be ordered through websites offering gourmet food online so even people living in areas far from ethnic restaurants can have the same great food experiences. Eating something new and different adds spice to life without taking much of a risk. Why not try a new dish or cuisine for the first time today?

Many people now recognize that what they eat has a direct effect on their health. Either on their own or with their doctor's advice, they are choosing special diets. Gourmet meat and foods can be part of these diets.

Weight control is a big issue and there are various schools of thought about what type of diet is most successful. Low calorie diets have been around for many years. The theory behind them is that if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you'll lose weight. While this works, many low calorie eaters find the programs leave them hungry, so they can't stick with it.

Dr. Robert Atkins suggested an alternative, a high protein, low carbohydrate diet that let people eat all the meat they wanted. People on the Atkins Diet didn't get hungry, but they did get bored. They lost weight, yet many found it came right back when they returned to their former carbohydrate filled way of eating. Whether this diet might work on a long term basis is still being researched.

Low sodium diets are often recommended for people with high blood pressure. Special low sodium foods are available from many gourmet meat and foods purveyors. Adding herbs and spices will add flavor to low sodium foods so the salt will not be missed.

When trying to find a gift for that impossible to buy for person, why not try gourmet foods gifts? There are many alternatives in all price ranges, from succulent fruits to decadent cookies to juicy steaks. Opening a box containing these tasty treats is sure to bring pleasure to your friend, relative or business associate.

These gourmet foods gifts can be delivered right to the recipient's home or office. The makers of these products know how to package them so they arrive fresh and delicious. They can be ordered online or by phone, making the gift giving process easy for you.

If you can't decide what they would like, gift certificates in many denominations are available from most gourmet food companies. The certificate and a card saying it's from you will be sent to the recipient. This way you'll know you have given a gift that will be just right.

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