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Who should buy an eReader?

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The number of women eReaders is growing
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The typical eReader user might just be you, so who should buy an eReader?

If the past is any indication of the future, and it often is, than we can look at who has been and is currently using eReaders to determine who we should buy an eReader for. As the financial guru types will tell you, past results are not a guarantee of future performance, but I think it may be prudent here.

While the cost of eReaders - or "electronic book readers" - has already started to come down. New ones are still $150 to $300 for the Kindles, Nooks and Sonys of the world, and tablet computers (which can act as eReaders as well) hover around the $600 to $800 mark. So if you’re thinking about getting one for a friend or family member, take a moment to consider the following information.

According to a myriad of surveys and polls conducted over the last couple of years, here are a few interesting tidbits about current eReaders:

71% of science fiction readers read eBooks, many of them using eReaders. Though many do use their computers to read, a full 20% of those that don’t already have an eReader are planning to buy one in the immediate future. If you have a Trekkie fan on your shopping list, there’s a good chance she’ll love her new eReader.

Know anyone that likes, no, needs immediate gratification when it comes to the latest news or stories? If so, there’s a good chance they’ll love an eReader.

Case in point; “a stolen life,” the memoirs of Jaycee Dugard, was recently put on sale by Simon&Schuster. They sold over 175,000 copies in a day, not a bad start. What surprised them was that half the sales were eBooks. Clearly, when these people want something, they want it now.

Is the person on your list an avid reader? Based on numerous studies, eReader lovers are almost always avid fans of the written word. If she can’t seem to put the book down, buy her an eReader.

Interestingly, a large number of eReader owners are devoted readers of print magazines and newspapers as well. You may want to make certain he has a newspaper or magazine subscription before you plunk down the money to buy an eReader.

Finally, the typical eReader is a college educated male with an income above $85,000, and usually less than 40 years of age.

Not to be left out, women are catching the eReader bug too; 48% of eReader users are now women and the gap appears to closing even further.

So, where does that leave us?

If you know a 36 year old guy, making a pretty good living with a subscription to 3 newspapers and 2 magazines, reads science fiction books as fast as their printed and needs his information now, you've got just the thing.

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