Christmas gifts for men

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Fill the men in your life with holiday cheer.
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Creative thinking for the men on your holiday shopping list

Shopping for Christmas gifts for the men in your life is not always easy. Finding meaningful presents for spouses, brothers, fathers and friends requires some creative thinking but once you start brainstorming the ideas will come easily. Here are a few suggestions for Christmas gifts for men to get you started.

Whether you are buying for a significant other, your dad or your brother, if there is a sports fanatic in your life you cannot go wrong with event tickets. Be it hockey or golf, tennis or soccer, any sports lover will be thrilled to find a pair of passes hidden in his stocking. If your guy appreciates music more than sports, buy him tickets to see his favorite band in concert and you will be sure to make his holidays merry.

For male shoppers, buying for fathers, friends and brothers can be difficult. A gift certificate from your local golf course for a round or a day pass on the slopes are great ideas. A day out on the links or shushing down the hills is a present everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Do you have a technology lover in the family? There are any number of great Christmas gifts in this arena. MP3 players, I Pod's, laptops and cell phones are all exciting ideas for the gadget lovers in your life. Digital cameras and electronic games like poker and blackjack are also fun favorites. Take a stroll through your local electronics store and you will be surprised at the fabulous Christmas gifts for men that you will come across.

Is your brother or boyfriend a television or movie buff? Buy him DVD's of his favorite television show or movie collection. Does the man in your life prefer to be active? A gym membership is a great idea for a fitness guru. Is there an avid reader in your midst? A treasured book or a subscription to his favorite magazine are great examples of Christmas gifts for men that he will be sure to love.

Personal items are always well received. For an intimate gift, wrap lingerie that you have purchased for yourself and put a "promise to wear soon" card in the box. This is a gift idea that is sure to keep him toasty and warm this holiday season. For a homemade gift that will add cheer to any man's Christmas, give him a homemade coupon for a "free back massage" or for a special treat purchase him a massage at a local spa. Use your imagination.

For the dads in your life, a great photo of him with his children in a handsome frame is a wonderful gift. Putting together a scrapbook with pictures of his favorite moments with his kids is sure to pull some heartstrings and become a gift that he will always treasure. Great Christmas gifts for men also include items like watches, leather gloves or cashmere scarves. For those men who enjoy looking their best, manicure sets or hair and beard trimming kits will be greatly appreciated, as will great smelling cologne. A monogrammed robe for him to warm up in and relax in on those chilly winter nights makes for a thoughtful and cozy present.

Is money no object this Christmas season? A masculine leather recliner for the man in your life to relax in and put up his feet is sure to create holiday cheer. A soft leather jacket is another fabulous gift that will be well received. Are you on a tighter budget this year? A homemade knitted scarf or sweater will be a treasured gift, as will simple ideas such as "one free get out of doing the dishes"or"taking out the garbage" coupons. A night off from household chores is a Christmas gift that all the men in your family will be sure to appreciate.

Whatever Christmas gifts for men you decide on, you will be sure to fill the men in your life with holiday cheer. Happy shopping!

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