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By Ryan Walters
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How to promote your website and sell more products
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The best techniques for advertising online

Marketers and advertisers are getting as excited about the internet's resurgence as they did at the launch of TV. The growth of high speed broadband, and the number of online users, has opened new windows of opportunity for reaching consumers. The gold rush is on to find the most effective internet advertising techniques for mining the internet's, rapidly expanding, global marketplace.

Internet advertising is developing at a frantic pace, and its growth has already seen it overtake newspaper and magazine revenue with TV now firmly in its sights. The internet's advertising revenue for the first half of 2006 has been $7.9 billion; it continues to exceed all predictions.

The first banner advert appeared way back in 1994, swiftly followed by a deluge of popup ads sprouting on commercial websites all over the internet. These have been virtually killed off by popup blockers on most web browsers, and led to sites which hosted them being avoided anyway.

The most effective internet advertising method - and the one which generates by far the most revenue - is Google Adsense. Last year Google billed $5.5 billion to Adsense users, and it earns Google $1 million per hour. This income could see them soon overtake Microsoft for yearly revenue by 2010!

Adsense adverts appear on the right side of search results, and now also on many static web pages. Adsense is even taking over from affiliate banners as the advertising method of choice. It is easy to set-up, appears on sites with relevant content and provides arguably the best income for website owners.

To incorporate Adsense into your site you simply register for a free account, paste the provided code into your web page and then Google will provide ads from their catalog of 100,000 advertisers. Merchants pay Google every time somebody clicks through; an unspecified portion goes to the site owner.

Adsence presents businesses with an excellent way of creating links back to their website all over the web, whilst site owners have a way of earning extra income. Some of the savviest webmasters are even able to support themselves on Adsense revenue alone!

Over the next few years, effective internet advertising will be heading into the realms of video. Newscorp didn't buy MySpace for $580 million, and Google didn't buy YouTube for $1.65 billion (in shares), just to get one up on their rivals. They both saw the potential of reaching the millions who use these sites every day.

This year video advertising revenue was a relatively modest $385 million, but is expected to rise to $2.35 billion by 2010! A growth never witnessed by any medium in the history of advertising.

The growth of video will, however, be dwarfed by the explosion in the mobile advertising market. With the number of high quality, multimedia handsets to double to four billion by 2011, it is estimated that mobile advertising revenue will reach $11.35 billion in the next five years.

Marketers are now working on the next wave of effective internet advertising techniques. In a culture which is becoming averse and dismissive of being blatantly sold to, these techniques will need to become ever more sophisticated and innovative in advertising to the rapidly growing online audience.

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