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Where to find free WP themes

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Wordpress allows different themes to be used on their sites
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Find free WP themes using these tips and websites for bloggers

Wordpress (WP) has long been one of the top blogging formats on the Internet. At least part of the reason for that popularity is because the format comes with such easy ways to make your blog or website look exactly how you want depending on what kind of site you are running. 

Free WP themes have been popping up on the web since the site was born thanks to the hard work of thousands of different developers who understand the sheer number of different reasons someone might want to put a website together. 

So where to find free WP themes? There are a ton of different sites you can peruse in order to find the theme that meets your needs for starting a blog. There are also themes and backdrops that you can pay big money for, but if you are just looking to give your site an individual feel there's no reason to pony up the big bucks.

This particular site is pretty straight forward about what they are offering. FreeWpThemes serves up a couple of thousand of different free themes that can be downloaded and installed relatively easily as long as you know what you are doing.

The site's one big drawback might be that there isn't really any sort of category sorting. The people who run the site can be forgiven since it really is just an aggregation website and it does allow you to sort the themes by a variety of colors. It also makes sense not to put too much effort into category sorting, since a theme that is geared towards one use can be used for another, given enough imagination.

Simple WP Themes is a much smaller site that has about 200 different themes. The themes on this particular provider are also a mishmash of free and premium (you have to pay for them) themes so you should tread carefully if you find one you like. Of course, there is something to be said for a theme that someone worked carefully enough on that they feel they can charge for the service.

These themes might be able to offer you more than the free ones can. You can always try out a free one from this site and then go back for a premium setup should you want to move up a rung. This site does have a few different ways you can page through the different themes. You can sort by color or layout depending on if you are looking for a basic, 2-column or 3-column look to your site.

New WordPress Themes

This is another site that has a combination of free WP themes and those that you are going to have to pay for. The site also makes it far easier to find those that you will need to lay out a little cash for, so you should only come here if you might eventually actually buy a theme.

Perhaps because the site is geared towards making money, it also has the most comprehensive way of finding exactly the kind of theme you are looking for. You can browse by category, color or layout and there are hundreds in each separate category.

Wordpress has done a pretty good job of keeping their clients happy by offering up theme extensions on their own website that you can grab for free.

While you will find plenty of high quality free offerings on this site, Wordpress will also post any themes that are used buy developers and bloggers on their site. That can mean that you will run into some pretty low rate versions. The other drawback of using this site is that there is really no way to find a theme unless it was just released or you know the name of it. There isn't any way to sort based on color, category or layout.

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