New Years Eve games

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new year games
Don't forget the games at your New Years Eve party!
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Planning a New Years Eve party? These fun games can help to break the ice!

New Years Eve will be marked by parties, festivities and celebrations around the world.  Planning a party to welcome the new year involves careful consideration for food, decorations, music and New Years Eve games.  Make your party memorable with lively entertainment and funny New Years Eve games.  Here are some creative ideas for games that can help to break the ice and enhance the social scene of any New Years Eve party.

New Years Eve Games

New Years Resolution Guessing Game:

Instruct each of your guests to write one or two New Years resolutions on a piece of paper.  Have each guest put the paper into a hat.  Provide each guest with another blank piece of paper and a pen.  Select one person to pull the resolution papers out of the hat and read them one by one.  As the resolutions are read aloud, guests must write down the resolution and the name of the person who they believe wrote each resolution.  At the end of the readings, the guest who paired the most resolutions correctly with the respective resolution- maker, wins a prize.  This grown-up game is a great way for guests to learn about each other!

New Years Charades:

Make a list of important, noteworthy or newsworthy events from the past year.  Write each of these events on an individual index card; create one card/event for each party guest.  Ask each party guest to act out the event featured on their index card, while other guests try to guess what the event is.  This New Year’s charades game can be further enhanced by selecting teams of two or more guests to act out the past year’s events together. 

Champagne Cork Bulls Eye:

Purchase a small bottle of champagne for each of your party guests.  (Invest in mini-bottles otherwise you may end up with a costly tab!)  Hang a target or bulls eye on a wall.  Have guests take turns opening bottles… with the goal of hitting the bull’s eye with the champagne cork.  Award the guests who get their champagne corks closet to the bull’s eye with prizes or gifts such as sweet treats, silly little toys, colorful calendars for the New Year, or even White Elephant gag gifts. 

New Years Time Capsule / Memory Capsule for Kids:

New Years Eve games can be particularly fun for children.  If you are planning a New Years Eve party that involves kids, involve these young guests in the fun activity of creating a New Years time capsule.  Have the children help to decorate a shoe box with glitter, confetti, ribbons, markers, crayons and stickers.  

Instruct the children to select objects, photographs or write down memories from the past year that they would like to include in the time capsule.  Encourage the children to discuss these memories and reflect on the old year; inspire them to look forward to the coming year.

Then have everyone write or draw something they would like to have or do in the New Year. Little kids might enjoy cutting out pictures from magazines to show the things they're hoping for. (Heck, even grown-ups might like doing that!) 

Save the lists in a box or jar for next year's party, so everyone can see what worked during the year. It can even become an annual tradition among your family and friends. 

Relax, It'll Be Good!

Regardless of which games you select for your party, New Years Eve games and great food are sure to come together to make a New Year's party everyone will enjoy. 

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