10 Best shade plants

By Rachel Hartman
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dogwood flower
Even shady areas in your garden can bloom with color
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More often than not, we worry about plants getting enough sunlight to grow. But did you know that many plants do very well in the shade? A wide variety of plants, including some tulips, grow well in limited sunlight. They can bring warmth and charm to your porch or shaded area in your yard. Here are ten of the best shade plants you can find.

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1. Ferns

A wide variety of ferns grow easily in different climates. The cinnamon fern is an especially attractive plant. Its new fronds have a unique cinnamon-like color. A fern can add a nice touch to a corner of a room or a front porch.

2. Bleeding Heart

Known for its delicate shape and rich color, this lovely flower needs very little sunlight. Its official name is the Dicentra, but it is better known as the bleeding heart because of its heart-like shape. This flower creates a soft touch in any shady spot in the garden or flowerbed.

3. Astilbe

Astilbe is similar to a fern in appearance. This plant produces beautiful foliage, and is perfect for adding to a space that is normally in the shade. There are several varieties of Astilbe to choose from, in colors such as red, pink and salmon. The flowers sprout up above the rich green blanket of foliage.

4. Day lily

Technically known as Hemerocallis, the day lily does well in light shade. It grows in both dry and damp areas, and needs little care or attention. The flowers, which resemble lilies, are usually shades of yellow and orange. The slender, long leaves are pretty to look at, and because they grow closely together they tend to block out the weeds.

5. Monarch

Also known as the North American bee balm, this plant has a very pleasant aroma to it. It belongs to the mint family and produces red flowers. Its stalks tend to be around 24 inches tall. It looks especially striking when placed against a dark background.

6. Dogwood

The Corpus florido, or flowering dogwood, is a small tree that does well in shady areas. When it flowers, expect an abundant show of white or pink flowers. A similar tree, the Cornehan Cherry, lights up with yellow flowers in early spring. It grows best in semi-shady areas.

7. Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are some of the most popular type of flowering shrubs. They bloom early in spring, welcoming the season and adding color to your desired area.

8. Juneberry

Also called the Amelanchier, these hardy shrubs do well in shaded areas. They produce clusters of small white flowers, which are followed by small berries. If conditions are right, the Juneberry will grow to be the size of a small tree.

9. Hydrangeas

These shrubs have very colorful and attractive flowers. They are one of the most popular plants to grow in the shade.

10. Holly

If you want a pretty green look, holly is a good choice. It will create a nice spread of foliage for your garden or lawn, and the bright red berries add a splash of intense color.

These 10 best shade plants are just a few of the many that are available. You can find others that grow well in your area by asking at the local nursery. You can also try a few during the summer to test the results for the following year.

You will find that these 10 best shade plants and other shade-loving flowers and bushes will add a variety of beautiful colors to your yard and garden. They also provide an attractive green covering for your lawn. With a little care, the shade plants will create a pleasant backdrop for your garden or porch all season long.

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