Enhance your environment with a beautiful garden

By Jean Sanders
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Having a lovely garden adds pleasure and value to any home.
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Garden catalogs are information resources

Garden catalogs are the stuff of dreams, a place to imagine the beautiful landscaping and healthful vegetable gardens everyone would love to have. They provide the tools and information needed to transform the most barren lot into a green oasis. But this task requires planning and hard work on the part of the gardener.

When shopping in garden catalogs, think about the space where you want to garden and what is already growing there. Is there sun or shade? Will roots from existing trees interfere with what you want to plant?

What is the soil like? Soil testing may be necessary to determine what will grow or what fertilizer or other soil amendments might be needed for your preferred plants. Does the soil drain well or tend to hold water? All of these factors must be considered before beginning to plant.

With good planning and the proper garden tools, anyone can have a green thumb. Use the information in garden catalogs as your guide.

You can also find more information on gardening online. Many state universities have agriculture departments where research and teaching are done. The results of that research are often published on the Internet for the use of the public. Find a university in your home state so weather conditions will be as similar to your location as possible for the best results.

Now instead of driving to the store across town, you can visit the garden supply online. Here you can see pictures of all kinds of garden tools and equipment with clear explanations of how they are used. This will allow you to determine and select what you need for your garden at your own convenience 24 hours a day. Everything you can imagine, from garden stakes to hoes to trowels, and some you might not have thought of like knee pads can be ordered online.

By using the garden supply online, everything you buy will be delivered right to your door. No need to worry about how to fit a wheelbarrow into your car or that a bag of mulch might spill. Save your energy for working in your garden instead of using it for shopping.

A garden can be more than just something to look at. It can provide an inviting outdoor living space that complements a home. A carefully placed garden accessory like a trellis, sculpture or garden bench can help create the desired outdoor room look.

Installing a fountain can add both a strong visual element and the soothing sound of flowing water to the space. Select a fountain that goes with the design of your yard. Fountains are available in many types of materials, from stone to metal. If the maintenance required for a fountain seems too complicated, a simple garden pond may be more suitable. Some garden ponds make good homes for beautiful fish as long as the cats and birds in the neighborhood don't get too hungry.

Adding lights or torches allow use of the outdoor living area after dark. A firepit or fireplace has strong entertainment value, while a barbecue grill is a real party starter. Attractive planters make nice accents and allow tender plants to be brought indoors during cold weather.

Almost anything can be used as a garden accessory if it fits with the plan of your outdoor room. Remember that, like anything else in a garden, the items in this "room" will be exposed to the weather in all seasons, so they must be capable of taking sun, rain, and cold.

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