What does a plant need to grow

By David Pettebone
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watering a potted plant
With proper care and attention, you can brighten up your home with a new plant
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Wondering what does a plant need to grow so that your thumb turns green?

Thinking about adding some green to your living room decor? Plants make a great addition to homes. They create a sense of life and color. Before you go out and purchase one, though, it is important to consider how to properly care for the flowers, vegetables or foliage. Following are guidelines that discuss what a plant needs to grow.

Plenty of Sunlight

Indoors, receiving enough sunlight is essential. If possible, place your greenery near a window facing south or west. If you do not have a window with plenty of sunlight, you can use growing lights. Place the lights about six inches above the top leaves. Turn the lights on for approximately fifteen hours each day. If they are not receiving an adequate supply of light, they will let you know. Stems will become thin. It may also begin leaning toward the light source. If this occurs, try moving your flowers and foliage to a sunnier location.

Sufficient Water

It is common knowledge that plants need water to survive. But too much or too little water will cause them to die. Before purchasing any garden or household greenery, research how much water it will need. The amount of water required varies from each. Most should be watered when the soil is slightly dry. When watering, give water until it begins to come out of the hole in the bottom of the holder. Make sure that the soil is moist but not saturated.


Adequate Air and Temperature

Giving plants the right air conditions is important. Try to keep them away from harmful pollutants, such as smoke or chemical fumes. Place it in a well-ventilated area. Just like humans, they do well in comfortable temperature zones. Place the greenery where there is little wind and the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees.

Rich Soil

Providing your flowers and green leafy foliage with rich soil will help it receive the nutrients and minerals it needs. You may want to add some fertilizer to help enrich the soil. The three most vital nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen aids in growth above ground. Phosphorous enhances cell division. It also helps in flower and seed production and in the development of a strong root system. Potassium improves ability to fight off disease. It also gives it strong stems.

So, what do your decorative green potted friends need to grow? Proper sunlight, water, air and soil in order to survive. Since their needs vary somewhat, it is important to research the type you want before you purchase it. Doing so will help you give the proper care.

All of these guidelines help answer the question of keeping your greenery alive. With proper care and attention, you can brighten up your home with flowers and healthy green leafing growth. Place it in a sunny spot, give it plenty of water and good air, and make sure it receives enough nourishment.

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