5 Things not to buy for Mother's Day

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Set your mom free of traditional gifts - get her something that celebrates her uniqueness
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If mama ain't happy...well, you know the rest!

Looking for some solid gift ideas for mom? Here are 5 things not to buy for Mother's Day along with some great alternatives:

INSTEAD OF THIS: A vase that collects dust

I know it's tempting, but try to avoid giving mom anything that lacks function and needs to be cleaned. She may exclaim how much she adores that new crystal vase when she pulls it out of the colorful gift bag, but the truth is she's probably inwardly groaning.

GET THIS: A bouquet of flowers

Buy her a drop-dead bouquet of flowers to display in one of the vases she already has. Your mom is special and deserves a bouquet that reflects her personal style. Spend some time visiting your local florist or checking out an online florist.

INSTEAD OF THIS: A tired, old trinket

Moms are known for their prized collections of cat figurines or dried flower arrangements or indoor bird houses or rooster-themed kitchen decorations, you name it. It's near certain she's received most of these items from friends and family members over the years. Be sensitive to your mom's need for variety and step away from yet another collector's item purchase. Besides, it's not very creative.

GET THIS: A chance to make a memory

New flash..memories don't collect dust, need to be packed up when you move or fill up expensive storage units. And to a mom, that difference is worth the world. Instead of buying a knick-knack, think of something fun to do with your mom. Anything from panning for gems to attending an inspiring workshop to heading to a local amusement park for the day can create memories that will last a lifetime. 

INSTEAD OF THIS: Purple shirts, sheets and shoes

Oh, how mom loves purple. The bedroom is purple, the living room is purple. She wears purple shoes. Chances are, Mom is probably a bit sick and tired of purple. But she's not going to tell you that because the house, not to mention her wardrobe, would require a major revamp in order to rid herself of this exhausted color. Besides, she still enjoys her purple shoes, she just doesn't need more pairs.

GET THIS: A new splash of color

If your gift does require a color choice, choose one that will complement the primary color(s) of her home or wardrobe. Opt for an item in a neutral tone, such as white, cream, or tan (unless this is already her predominant color).

INSTEAD OF THIS: The everyone-is-getting-it gift

Don't fall prey to mass advertising and let TV commercials solely guide your purchase. Not every mom needs (or wants) "I love MOM" jewelry to feel loved.

GET THIS: The only-my-mom-is-getting-it gift

 Mom will most cherish something that reveals your appreciation for her own unique qualities. Think about her hobbies or, better yet, something that she's been talking about wanting to do for years but has never gotten around to it. If she loves to sew, buy her a new sewing machine. If she's always wanted to learn to play the piano, don't just buy her a keyboard, but make sure it comes complete with a series of beginner lessons.
INSTEAD OF THIS: The special-occasion-only gift

The list of the top 5 things not to buy for Mother's Day certainly would not be complete without this: The best item to avoid getting mom is something she can only use on Christmas or for big family dinners, such as crystal glasses, fancy dinner place mats or center pieces.

GET THIS: A gift certificate just for her

Show her that every day can be special and worth celebrating! Mom often needs to be cajoled out of the kitchen or at least out of the house, so give her a fun reason to leave. For this purpose, a thoughtful gift certificate can be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Think about what your mom needs most and give her the opportunity to indulge. Whether it's a gift certificate for spa services, season tickets to an event that interests her or an exotic dinner at a new restaurant, mom will appreciate an opportunity to try something new.

Now you have an idea of the top 5 things not to buy for Mother's Day. Hopefully, this has not only shed some light on how moms often get pigeonholed but also how you can help set your mom free of traditional gifts and get her something that celebrates her uniqueness.

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