Affordable Christmas stockings for your husband

By Matt Williamson
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Red Christmas stocking with gifts
Tell your husband I love you with a thoughtful but inexpensive holiday stocking
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Are you looking for affordable Christmas stockings for your husband? Begin by considering his personality and interests. Does he have a great sense of humor? Does he love unique snacks? Is he a big music or sports fan? Tailor his stocking around his tastes then focus on finding great deals.

Here are some ideas to help you create affordable Christmas stockings for your husband:

Sweets and goodies Give your husband some tasty treats in his Christmas stocking. Look for healthy treats like gourmet trail mix or dried fruits. The goal is to treat him well while giving him some enjoyable treats. Add his favorite chocolate bar or baked treats, too...let him enjoy a guilt-free Twinkie or Hershey bar at least once a year.

Socks This may seem like a very simple gift, but many men would appreciate a pair of special socks. Why not get them a pair of thermal socks that your husband can use for outdoor sports? Or how about cushioned socks if his job involves a lot of time on his feet? It's a small thing that will remind him of you all year long.

Toys No one outgrows their love of toys, so treat your husband to a few just-for-fun playthings. A desk-sized basketball hoop, a paddle and ball set, a Slinky, or a Matchbox model of his favorite kind of car are all inexpensive choices for bringing out the boy inside the man.

Trial-sized men's products We all know that most men like to stick to their tried and true men's products. Encourage your husband to try something new by giving him some trial-sized men's products such as new colognes or aftershaves. See which one he likes then, after Christmas, buy him a full bottle of the one he enjoyed most.

Holiday music Buy your husband some holiday music for his CD or MP3 player. Choose from traditional favorites or new collection of holiday music. Many popular performers come out with holiday CD's, so check to see if his favorite band or singer has a Christmas album this year.

Tickets Whether your husband enjoys sports, plays, comedy, movies or concerts, you can find affordable tickets. The AAA, local community centers, credit unions, and the AARP often offer discounts on tickets for various events. During the holidays, even some credit cards offer discounts on event tickets.

Your husband will appreciate your thoughtful Christmas stocking, and you'll feel good about staying within your holiday budget. Happy shopping!

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