Choosing a lasting summer perfume

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Delightful summer scents are easy to find
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Make a statement by choosing a lasting summer perfume for your fragrance signatu

Summer scents are decidedly different from the perfumes you wear in the winter because they are lighter. Of course, when picking fragrances you want to make sure you are choosing summer perfumes that will last. It is very frustrating when you shell out to a king's ransom for a highly touted scent and discover it disappears within the hour.

Consumers want a summer fragrance to have some staying power, so keep in mind that scents classified as oriental or spicy last longer than those scents not featuring these components.


Before applying perfume, moisturize your body but avoid mixing a scented moisturizer with the perfume because the two fragrances may clash. Use an unscented moisturizer. Moisturized skin helps the scent last longer.

Spray the scent on your cleavage as well as at the top of your neck, in the elbow crooks and behind your knees. Spraying scents on the lower half of the body makes them last longer because the fragrance rises.

Because the pulse area creates more heat than other parts of the body it transmits the fragrances so give yourself a spritz on the pulse point.


Where you store fragrance makes a big difference in its shelf life. Do not put it in the refrigerator or close to air conditioning or a heater. The precious oils go awry when exposed to great heat or cold.

Put the bottle in a dark, cool place where there is little or no humidity. Is the lid on tightly? If not, air makes perfume oxidize, which means to combine with oxygen. For example, when food oxidizes this means it has turned rancid or bad. If you notice your fragrance is getting syrupy and darker this indicates it is about to hit its expiration date.

When perfume is exposed to usage and air, it gets darker and stronger because there are natural ingredients in it, such as oak moss and vanilla. When a scent has synthetics in it, the color doesn't change and it won't become rancid.

Summer Scents

Scents you should consider include Celine Dion's Oriental Summer, which is a fine, floral-spicy featuring blends that are subtle and not over-bearing. It features mandarin orange, almond and a blend of pepper, preceding an ascendant floral heart including iris, jasmine and heliotrope.This is a refreshing and distinctive woman's scent.

Davidoff's Cool Water Sea is a cocktail of pineapple, watermelon, peach, lemon with a bit of cassia forming the opening scent which transitions to a floral heart of lily, rose and jasmine punctuated by a hint of vetiver. It reminds one of the sea and summer.

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey's Summer, inspired by lychee, passion fruit and guava, is described as comparable to strolling through a produce market while abroad, smelling the memorable, sweet and exotic fragrance of fruit. This is a wonderful choice.

Demeter Sunshine smells like a cotton t-shirt warmed in and by the sun. This is a good option for warm weather.

Hugo Woman is a youthful, fresh scent, featuring top notes of boysenberry, red grass and manda, black plum, a heart of sambac, iris and Indian black tea and a creamy dry down of cedar, amber and sandalwood.

Try Ellie Saab's limited edition Resort Collection 2015 perfume, which is unapologetically sweet, fruity and floral with gourmand top notes. It also contains mandarin, fig, jasmine, orange blossom, frangipani, amber and cedar, creating a "Fleeting but intense moment filled with nothing but harmony."

Robert Cavalli's new Paradiso fragrance pulls from the landscape of Italy's Mediterranean coast in the summer, possessing notes of orange, bergamot, cypress, jasmine, stone pine and rose-bay. It is a summery, sensual and wood floral.

Consider Cologne Indelebile by Dominique Ropion, who also created Portrait of a Lady and Carnal Flower. Cologne Indelebile is a pleasurably seductive combination of lemon, bergamot, neroli, narcissus, orange blossom and musks.

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