Christmas gifts for babies

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All babies are on Santa's nice list.
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Make that first Christmas for baby memorable with a gift to cherish.

Buying Christmas gifts for babies, especially if this is their first Christmas, can bring a twinkle to anyone's eye. Making that first Christmas, or even a second or third, memorable for a child can be a delight for all celebrating the holiday with a new baby in the home. 
Babies and young children are in awe with flashing Christmas lights, brightly wrapped gifts, Christmas carols and the general festive mood of the home.  They can make you feel young at heart again during the Christmas season. A baby's enthusiasm and joy can be quite infectious during this time of year.

When selecting Christmas gifts for babies, you can choose two types of gifts. You can give gifts that are practical and useful on a daily basis. (This makes new parents very happy!) Well designed, classic baby toys are always a good choice. Or you can choose gifts destined to be keepsakes - a reminder of baby's first Christmas. Either way, there are many gift choices for babies that are safe, entertaining, and just plain fun to give.

Keepsakes to Treasure

Keepsakes are those gifts that can be treasured and handed down through the years. They are not typically for every day use. They are Christmas gifts for babies that have meaning and provide sentimental value year after year. Examples of Christmas keepsakes include:

Music Box - a simple, old-fashioned, wind up music box features a classic tune meant just for baby's first Christmas. A decorator's piece to display on baby's shelf, the music box can have a merry-go-round, train, unicorn, or castle theme. 

Personalized Ornaments - A personalized ornament will take front and center on the Christmas tree year after year.

Baby Plate for Santa's cookies - A personalized plate with baby's name is a great way to leave cookies out on a plate for Santa each year. A fun tradition to start with any youngster.

Personalized Stocking - give the gift of a personalized stocking so Santa knows who's stocking is who's over the fireplace. A personalized stocking is a treat for any child to pull down from the mantle each Christmas. 

Toys for the Bath or Playtime 

Every baby, no matter how young, loves to play. Mobiles for over the crib keep babies fascinated with the movement, bright colors and sounds they make.  Rubber bath toys, baby's first books, or cloth blocks are great first toys to introduce to a baby. To encourage interactive play, a play gym for baby to grasp at and focus on develops coordination.

Gift Basket (also known as diaper pail or diaper bag filled with goodies!) 

For more practical Christmas gifts for babies, try a gift basket of baby powders, lotions, shampoos, bibs, teethers, diapers, teddy bears... The list can go on and on. Parents will love you!

Clothing and Blankets to Keep Baby Warm

Blankets, quilts, caps, and rompers are all great gift ideas for baby especially through the colder Christmas season. Those who are fortunate enough to know how to quilt or sew have an extra advantage over store bought clothing. You bring a handmade touch to items that will be cherished and kept as a keepsake or heirloom for the baby. Handmade quilts with the baby's name, parent's name, and date of birth stitched into the blanket will be a treasure to keep.

Christmas gifts for babies are numerous. From keepsakes to the practical, there is a wide range of gift ideas for babies to make the Christmas holiday a memorable one.

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