Corporate gift basket ideas

By Jean Sanders
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An ideal way to say thank you or happy holidays, there are gift baskets designed for every possible taste and occasion.
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Corporate gift basket ideas

Corporate gift basket ideas include everything from fruit and cheese collections to coffee and chocolate delicacies. There is a vast selection of business and corporate gift baskets will make your clients and/or employees think of you kindly long after the basket is empty. What better time than now to let those who have supported your business know how much you appreciate them?

1. The traditional fruit and gourmet gift basket is an exceptional choice when it comes to choosing a business or corporate gift basket. They're not only attractive, but contain enough variety of food that you're sure to please the recipient's taste buds. One example is truly a classic, with a bountiful assortment of seasonal mixed fresh fruits, cookies, crackers, candies, cheese, jams, or similar gourmet goodies, spilling out of a finely crafted wicker basket.

2. And there's the Northwest Gourmet basket offereing a selection of the finest Northwest fruit and edible creations. This basket includes a truly mouth watering selection of classic and ruby red d'Anjou pears, apples, hot chocolate mix cheddar cheese, almond chocolate covered raspberries and so much more to tempt any palate - even the most discriminating.

3. Or, how about a fruit and preserves basket that is a perfect thank you seasonal gift or for any occasion. This is one of the moderately priced Corporate gift ideas that is priced under $30.This basket includes a nice variety of apples, pears and preserves.

4. Corporate gift basket ideas also include one that's truly memorable an attractive tower that is an eye opening and mouth watering standout. This basket tower is sure to impress - filled with delectable goodies such as d' Anjou pears, Fuji apples, gourmet berry preserves, pistachios and chocolate covered blueberries. Even the most demanding gourmand would welcome this lovely gift.

5. Other great and unusual gift baskets include those containing wine. You'll make a distinctive impression on wine aficionados by giving gifts of wine with your own private label on the bottle. Or select from an assortment of other gift ideas, including wine glasses and decanters, mini wine cellars, wine preservers, chiller bags and picnic totes and truffles. With new laws recently passed, it is much easier to ship wines inter and intra state than ever before. Wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised to receive such an elegant gift?

6. No list of ideas for Corporate gift baskets would be complete without the addition of of delicious home made candies made with genuine Vermont maple syrup, as well as baskets with an assortment of other Vermont traditional delicacies. You can select from a huge variety of tasty treats that will please practically everyone on your list, including pure Vermont maple syrup, chocolates, and sauces. Talk about being delicious!

7. Many online companies offer customization so that your corporate gift baskets say they are uniquely yours and ensure that your employees and clients receive an unforgettable holiday present. Another corporate gift basket that is always pleases is one that contains honey baked ham, bacon, sausage and other meat gifts that are guaranteed to be fresh, delicious and very much appreciated. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than something good to eat! And, just think how nice it would be if your company was the giver of such good things. You'll be remembered as a caring and generous corporate entity.

9. Corporate gift basket ideas galore are available online. You'll find catalogers and merchants that offer elegant gift baskets that include filet mignons, boneless strips, rib eyes and top sirloins. But that's only the beginning! You'll also find gourmet poultry, seafood, lamb, pork, veal, smoked meats and appetizers. By using the Internet as your own private shopping mall, you can order 24 hours a day to bring the finest foods in the world right to the door of some lucky gift recipient. And, the food you order is guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty. Nothing could be easier for you during these hectic days of the holiday season.

10. Say thank you sweetly with a business gift basket brimming with high quality chocolates. This particular gift basket is filled with various types of Ghirardelli chocolates, which are "created by a precise blend of deep-roasted cocoa beans and hand selected ingredients". As any chocolate lover will tell you, that translates to delicious

As an added plus, most online catalogers and merchants offer a corporate discount for quantity purchases. That's why it is important for you to do your corporate gift buying early. Not only will you avoid the last minute hassle and unnecessary wasted time deciding what to buy, you will be acting fiscally responsible by going online now to make your holiday gift giving decisions and receive a substantial corporate discount.

Whichever you select from the list of Corporate gift basket ideas, rest assured that each and every recipient will be delighted to receive it and will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Happy Holidays!

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