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There's nothing wrong with loving print catalogs!
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Get new catalogs for the perfect shopping experience at your favorite stores

The Internet is endlessly useful for shopping, but some of us miss flipping through a glossy catalog as a way to choose what we want. Many catalogs also contain valuable coupons and deals.

With these tips, you can make sure you get new catalogs to help you make informed buying decisions at your own pace.

Explore an online shopping site

The easiest way to find a catalog is to visit an online shopping site, which is a source for hundreds of catalogs. You will find catalogs for home improvement, clothing, sports, pet supplies, and any other category you can imagine. It’s usually free to order a catalog to be shipped to your house, but you can also opt to look through through that company's catalog online if they have an e-catalog, or digital version of their print catalog. Many of companies offer exclusive deals and free shipping if you make purchases on their websites instead of through a catalog.  

Order one online

Many businesses understand that some of us prefer to shop from a catalog instead of online. If you go to a company’s website, scroll to the very bottom of the page. You will most likely see the words “catalog request” or “request a catalog.”

Click on this link and fill out the form, and a catalog will be on the way! Most major retailers have this option on their websites, and it’s completely free. It can take a few weeks to arrive - especially you are requesting the catalog mid-season or right before an updated version comes out - but once it does, you will continue receiving their catalogs.

Call the company

Some retailers may not have this option on their website. Some of us can also be wary about giving our information out online. If you prefer not to fill out a web form or can’t find one, you can look up a company’s customer service phone number.

Simply go to their website and look for a 1-800 number, which is usually under a contact link or at the very bottom of the page. An employee will be more than happy to put in a request for a catalog to be sent for you.

View a virtual catalog

Some companies offer a happy medium — a virtual catalog that gives you the catalog experience on your computer screen. For example, Lindt Chocolate offers an e-catalog that is a digital version of the catalog featuring their inventory. They even make each of the items clickable, so you can search through it like an old-school catalog but click on the items you like to see their price or buy them directly.

Ask the store

If you are shopping in a brick and mortar store and you would like to have one of their catalogs, simply ask an employee if they have one they can give you. Some stores keep catalogs on hand that they can give you directly. If they don’t have one in stock, they can sign you up on their mailing list in order to begin receiving them at home.  

Borrow from a neighbor

Some people prefer to shop online only and regularly toss out the catalogs they receive. An unconventional way to get new catalogs is to tell your neighbors you will take the catalogs they don’t want! You can always toss the ones you don’t want in the recycle bin.

Catalogs are a fun way to shop, especially for those of us who grew up thumbing through printed pages like a magazine and circling the items we went. Use these tips to start receiving them in your mailbox!

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