How to store dress up clothes

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Take good care of their favorite costumes
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Solutions for how to store dress up clothes and staying tidy are simple

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess, and every little boy aspires to be a superhero. If you’ve indulged their fantasies, you’ve likely ended up with a colorful pile of costumes and accessories.

After investing in this wardrobe, you don’t want the garments to get lost or ruined. Read on for tips about how to store dress up clothes.

Storage chest

Dress up storage chests are an ideal option for kids—they’re low to the ground and easy for little ones to open and dig in. Another benefit is that most of them double as a seat when the lid is closed, and some even come with a cushion to help it serve as a more comfortable bench. There are plain wooden or plastic storage chests available, but many come decorated with fun themes, such as a princess or firefighter.

While the clothes will get mixed together and probably become wrinkled, it provides your children with easy access to their dress up costumes and also functions as a piece of furniture.


It’s no surprise that kids love dress up games. Trunks are similar to storage chests, but they offer a unique, vintage feel that enhances the dress up experience for some children. It can feel like opening a treasure chest! You can find a trunk online, or possibly in a local thrift store. Just make sure that you have the key if you buy one that comes with a lock to keep it open so that the top doesn't close on your child.

Clothes stand

Clothes stands are an excellent storage option if you want to save space and keep the dress up clothes wrinkle-free. Best of all, no hangers are needed for these clothing racks. If you have a little boy, buy a sports-themed or firefighter-themed clothes stand to hang up his superhero attire. For little girls playing royalty, buy a pink or princess-themed stands. Some clothes racks even double as growth charts that can track the rising height of your child.

These stands can be put in the corner of a room and take up very little space, and because they are lower to the ground than regular clothes stands, they are reachable for most kids.


Another easy way to store costumes is bins. Like chests, they are low to the ground and easy to access for kids, but they have multiple separate compartments. This is ideal if you have kids of two genders who don’t want their costumes to mix, or if you have a specific way you (or they) want to organize their dress up outfits.

Some bins have wheels on the bottoms, allowing them to easily move from one room to another depending on where your kids want to play.


If you would rather save money, you can always store their dress up clothes in a closet. It keeps their clothes wrinkle-free and requires no added purchase. If you only have high racks, the dress up clothes won’t be accessible without your help, but some parents may want to keep that level of control on purpose.

Having a lower rack in a closet is ideal if you want your children to have easy access to their wardrobe. Save safe, plastic hangers from stores or clothes you get rid of a reuse them as hangers for their dress up clothes.

Now it’s time to choose the best option for your kids and their dress up collection. Whether you need a space-saving clothes rack or want a bin that helps you organize a large wardrobe, it’s easy to find the perfect costume storage option for your home. Who knows—you can even play dress up with them!

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