Lladro gres and Lladro figurine history

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Figurines with both elegance and style!
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Know the beginning of these beautiful figurines

Lladro figurines are known throughout the world for their outstanding craftsmanship, their individuality, and their artistic nature. They are a "must have" for many collectors. If you are unfamiliar with these little works of art, they come in all shapes and sizes. They can come as birds, flowers, families, lovers, animals ... just about anything you could imagine. Lladro porcelain figurines are truly created, not just made. They are handcrafted and hand painted - notably the earth-toned Lladro gres collection - by artists.

Because of the unique nature of these figurines, they have a colorful past which may help the collector appreciate them more. Below is a quick introduction to the history of Lladro figurines and Lladro gres.

Humble Beginnings:

These figurines were originally made by the Lladro brothers (Juan, Jose, and Vicente) in Valencia in 1950s Spain. It started as a family owned business, with the brothers being encouraged by their mother. They were talented with both sculpting and painting. Because of this, their mother was deeply involved in their education so that they could get into the best art schools in Spain.

Growing Up:

While they were attending art school together, they created their first kiln and began to make porcelain figurines. They started selling their figurines at local art markets, but soon the demand was much higher than the three brothers could produce themselves. They decided to move their production from their family home to a warehouse in a neighboring town, giving them more space for their creations.

The Lladro brothers also reinvented the firing process of porcelain. They reduced the normal three-layer firing into a one-layer firing. Reducing the amount of time that the figurines need to be in the kiln, but also giving Lladro porcelain its signature look. This new firing process gives the porcelain its crystalline look and pastel tones, which are particularly fine in pieces from the Lladro gres collection.

Branching Out:

In order to keep up with demand, the brothers hire employees--chemists, decorators, and sculptors. They then began to quickly open new stores. Today Lladro is internationally known, but still a family owned business. 

Although these little figurines are an international hit, the artists and sculptors still remain true to the Lladro brothers' original intent. These figurines are not mass produced like so many others.  They are carefully crafted and painted by hand, undergoing many different revisions until they reach perfection.

The line of Lladro gres is inspired by the colors of the earth. The Lladro gres pieces are instantly recognizable, with their earthy tones and matte finish.

Lladro figurines remain world renowned for their charm and beauty. What started as a small business has blossomed into something much greater...something for people all around the world to enjoy. The best part is that they haven't lost the individual and original touch, making them a true collectable.

Lladro Figurines
Lladro porcelain figurines

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