Luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your wife

By Matt Williamson
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Make this Christmas something extra special with a stocking full of dreams
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Would you like to give your wife a Christmas stocking full of items to treat and pamper her? She will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness! Here are some luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your wife.

Stocking Presentation. Remember the importance of presentation. Velvet, silk and needlepoint stockings are the most luxurious. Make sure the stocking has your wife's name embroidered on it. Look for a style that will appeal to her taste and personality while keeping the luxury theme in mind. Gift-wrapping each item in the stocking will prolong your wife's anticipation.

Surprises. Place a special gift in the very bottom of the stocking at the toe to surprise your wife. This can be some type of treat that you know your wife has been looking forward to and perhaps was wondering if she may or may not be receiving it this holiday season.

Gourmet Goodies. Your wife probably has a favorite gourmet treat that she enjoys every once in a while. Allow her to indulge in her favorite chocolate or candy - without any disapproving looks or comments! Consider a solid gold rose, or fine chocolates dipped in real golda treat she will never forget!

Spa Items. When choosing beauty gifts for your wife, think indulgence and pampering not self-improvement. So put that cellulite cream back on the shelf and pick up a deliciously scented bubble bath. Consider purchasing bath salts and oils, body lotion, manicure sets, perfume, makeup and hair care items.

Jewelry. Jewelry is an ideal luxurious gift because it is typically small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking. Renew your commitment with a diamond eternity band, start a new tradition with a gold charm bracelet and the first of many charms to come. Also consider elegant birthstone and diamond jewelry.

Gift Cards/Certificates. Give your wife a gift card or gift certificate to her favorite store so she can take advantage of the great post-holiday sales. Buy a gift certificate for spa services such as a massage or facial.

Services. The gift of services is a great idea for a luxury Christmas stocking. Perhaps your wife would like several sessions with a personal trainer, life coach or nutritionist. The key is to find the service you feel your wife would enjoy most. Avoid services that suggest you think she needs to lose weight, change her look or kick a bad habit.

Favorite Indulgences. If your wife's favorite indulgence is reading a good mystery in a bubble bath while eating chocolate, that should be the focus of your Christmas stocking. Consider what your wife would find luxurious when choosing gifts for her stocking.

Remember these luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your wife and you can be sure she'll have a wonderful Christmas!

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