Merino wool long johns for merino wool warmth

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long johns
Long johns for cozy winter nights
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Merino wool long johns and wool long janes keep you warm down under

When I hear the phrase Long Johns, the first thing that comes to mind is Long John Silver - the pirate with the wooden leg in the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island. Yes, I ponder up images of Long John (Arg) and the fast food fish chain that ultimately became his legacy. I donít really think about underwear, and am still unsure as to how we arrived at the name. I certainly get the long part, but whatís the John all about?

I have a skiing trip lined up for next month, so I need some warm and wooly underthings to keep my limbs from becoming a pair of icicles while Iím swishing and swooshing outdoors in 20 below weather. No average male Long Johns will do. I need them to be tailored to my physique, hug me where I need to be hugged and not have that weird little crotch flap thingy. These Merino Wool Long Johns, or (Long Janes as I like to call them) from Ibex Outdoor Clothing will do the trick, keeping me at a comfortable temperature and totally dry so I donít shiver me timbers out on the slopes.

These 3/4 Long Janes are strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. Completely tailored to a womanís physique and made of superfine New Zealand merino for exceptional comfort and warmth. Ibexís form-fitting Long Janes serve as a fantastically versatile midweight performance baselayer whether youíre skiing like me, running, backpacking, hiking, climbing or boating like our boy Long John.


- Available in sizes XS to XL
- Machine Washable
- Price: $79

DID YOU KNOW? The male nightwear garment known as 'Long Johns' are rumored to be named after boxer John L. Sullivan because he often boxed in an outfit that looked like long underpants. For special nighttime matches, Sullivan brought out the long johns with feet.

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