Personalized gifts for children

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Children are thrilled to receive personalized gifts! Nearly any item that you can imagine can be personalized
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Give a child a gift he or she will always remember.

A personalized gift for a child is a terrific idea. This makes the gift appear as though it were made especially for the child. Sometimes the gifts can be customized with favorite colors, animals, or other images. Children get excited seeing things with their own names on them. For young children, these can be helpful in learning how to spell their names. Older children appreciate such personal gifts created just for them.

Magical Stories

A popular gift for a young child is a personalized children's book. These typically have the child's name and other personal information about the child, including some of the child's friends, name of the pet, name of the town the child lives in, and a favorite toy. There are personalized books for favorite cartoon characters and other creative ideas. Imagine having your parents read you a story where you are the star, and your friends appear in the story all the time. This is almost a magical experience for a child to have. Most children love to get read a bedtime story every night.

Banks for Saving

A great personalized item for a child is a piggy bank. These are often hand painted and have flowers or other images, such as teddy bears. Giving a child a bank is a terrific way to encourage saving for something special that the child would like.


Luggage is another great personalized item for a child. What could be better than getting ready for a trip to Grandma's and having your own special suitcase with your name on it? Not only does this help you get the bag off the luggage carousel for your child, but this helps your child get even more excited about the trip and planning for it. If your family does a lot of traveling to see family or takes other types of trips, a personalized suitcase or other luggage could be an excellent gift.

Furniture Keepsakes

Children's furniture can also be personalized. A child's mirror can have a name on it. So can a rocking chair. Personalized furniture today becomes a keepsake for tomorrow. A toy box is a terrific item to personalize for children, so they will know exactly where their toys go. This is a wonderful way to give children items that they will grow into and spend a lot of time using.

Clothing and Cloth Items

Clothing can also be personalized. With personalized towel or robes, children will always know which towels or robes are theirs. This is very helpful when they go on trips or vacations and bring their towels or robes with them. Snuggly blankets can be personalized. Many children have snuggly blankets for years and years; they are treasured items. T-shirts and other shirts can be personalized. So can jackets. Personalized clothing items are great gift ideas, and the children will be so excited to see clothing with their names.

Personalized gifts for children are great ideas for gifts from grandparents and other family members and friends. When children open the gifts and see their names, they know the items were created just with them in mind! Children will be excited to have gifts personalized with their names, and they will treasure these gifts for many years to come.

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