Presents for her that can't go wrong

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This is an antique filigree sapphire and diamond necklace. Beautiful!
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Presents for her that can't go wrong may be the surefire way to her heart!

Some relationships have weathered the test of time, enduring for decades. While others are brand new and the couple is just getting to know one another. You want to give the woman in your life a special gift but you are not sure where to begin. There are presents for her that can't go wrong ...

Granted, a man is not going to give a girl whom he just met the same gift a husband gives to his wife of thirty years. There are gifts appropriate for all occasions and all stages of a relationship, including the long-term, old-timers and the freshly met.

Jewelry is always a nice gift but don't get too personal or over-the-top if your relationship is brand new. That might freak her out a little. then again, she might freak you out because the gift indicates to her you are more serious than you really are. Don't send mixed signals. Think carefully about your purchase and what it represents.

Earrings, rings and even necklaces may be challenging gifts, but there is much to choose from including brooches and beautiful pins, which have become very popular (a second time around) in recent years. Does she love vintage? Present her with a lovely vintage brooch. This will score you some points. Give her something nature-oriented and whimsical, such as a dragonfly or butterfly brooch.

If the woman who has stolen your heart, or is about to, loves the ocean, get her a diamond seahorse pendant necklace. If she is crazy about dogs, purchase a diamond dog pendant necklace. If she is a fan of the circus, buy her a diamond elephant necklace. (This could also indicate she's a Republican so don't give this to a Democrat. Stick with donkeys!)

When a couple is together for a long time, they know each other backward and forward and inside and out. However, if a man and woman has just met, the man may be uncertain what makes the female tick.

Is she a classic type? If so, she may prefer simple, sophisticated jewelry. A modern may lean toward contemporary styles, such as a twisted ring.

Are you two headed for a vacation in the Caribbean? If so, snatch up some island jewelry, featuring diamonds and palms trees, an anchor or even flip flops. She will get a kick out of this. Whimsical and humorous jewelry is perfect for the girl with a great sense of humor.

Is she a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby? If so, she will be head over heels for vintage Jazz Age jewelry, rife with gemstones, pearls, straight lines and diamonds. This style of jewelry is playful.

If you think the time is right to propose (are your knees buckling?) choose from various engagement ring designs. Some ideas include ...

... a round (angel's halo) ring; a double halo (featuring two rows of diamonds encircling the center stone); a floating halo (a center diamond floating in midair); a princess halo (square shape); a cushion halo (rounded, square shape) and oval halo (stones surrounding an oval central stone.) The term 'halo' means a set of gemstones or diamonds encircles the center stone.

Some women love filigree designs, featuring intricate ornamental work. For the love of all things vintage, consider an Art-Deco style engagement ring, which possesses a bold design, emphasizing symmetry and geometry.

If you are really stumped, consult with a jeweler and explain to him your relationship and what you hope to impart when you give her the gift. If you are serious, but not serious-serious, let the jeweler know and he can guide you in the right direction. If you are dead serious, give a gift that leaves no question about your intentions.

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