Romantic couples gifts

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Romance and gifts
Romantic gifts create a lasting, loving impression
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Make the romantic gift extra special

Gifts between couples are very special, both to give and receive. Special gifts like art, personalized photo frames, coffee mugs or intimate wear can leave lasting impressions that create smiles. Giving romantic couples gifts show the other person that you're really thinking of them and you want to give them something special that is just for them. It shows that the person took the time to choose something that perhaps fits the individual's personality very well, or that they're giving them something that maybe they've always wanted or hinted towards.

I like getting romantic couples gifts that I can display and that are unique or unusual. Things on display for me can include my favorite style coffee mug, a blouse with my initials on the sleeve, a piece of jewelry or a watch. A romantic gift is different for each person's tastes so what's romantic for one person may be not so romantic for another.

If it's a romantic gift, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's an "Adults Only" present. It simply means that the gift makes you think of that person when you look at it. Small items like the ones I mentioned above can be romantic and personalized. The intimacy in the gift is what makes it special. It's something that only you and the other person holds dear. It can make you think of them or a special time you've had together.

Make it Personal

For instance, I received two romantic couples from my husband over fifteen years ago, and I still have them today. I have always been a writer and a note-taking kind of person. He knew that about me and gave me something very special. He purchased a fine instrument writing set with a pen and pencil AND a monogrammed case with my initials to store them both in. The case is now a little worn and weathered, but I still have it and the pen and pencil set. I use it every single day while I'm working and every time I write with it, I think of him. It was a very romantic gesture and it's still special to me over fifteen years later.

On the other hand, there are certain romantic couples gifts that do not belong on display and are just for the couples only. These would be the "eyes only adult gifts" that you give. It's likely that no one else will see these gifts and they're for the couple's eyes only. So whether you're giving a gift to your significant other or you're giving a gift to a beautiful couple, here is a list of ideas that can help you decide:


  • Matching (or single) spa robes. Make these super-nice by selecting fine material for the robe and having them monogrammed if possible. There is nothing as sensual as a plush spa robe or kimono for lounging and relaxing.

  • Shirts or blouses. The romanticism in giving a shirt or blouse is relative. Perhaps the shirt has his initials monogrammed on the cuff. Maybe he bought his wife her favorite style or designer blouse in four different colors. It all depends on what the couple likes and what they think is special.

  • Intimate wear. Yes, that means intimate or private wear such as silk boxers, smoking jackets, lingerie or slippers. Anything that is sexy and romantic for couples would be appropriate and is usually not on display.


  • Fondue sets. This is a very romantic item for couples. Sharing is the idea with the fondue set and the couple can have A LOT of fun sharing and enjoying it. Another idea would be anything that is personalized like cookie jars, serving bowls, etc. that can be used for home entertaining.

  • Pillowcases. They are usually silk or satin and can be engraved with the couple's names or a particular date. They're usually not for use, but for decoration and display.

  • Frames. Picture frames are very popular romantic couples gifts and can be engraved, personalized or even customized for the couple.


I don't think you can ever go wrong with jewelry, whether it's for the man or the woman. They both like bracelets, rings and pendants. A bracelet is a gift that can be given either between a couple or to a couple. Things like rings and necklaces are usually given between couples and are very special.

Whatever gifts are considered romantic couples gifts will always be something that is special for the two of them. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, expensive or too complicated. It just has to be something that creates memories and something they can enjoy and get full use from. And not to mention, if it's from the person's heart, it will definitely be something special.

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