Rooibos loose tea for tasty loose leaf tea flavor

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Tea leaves with heart shapes are fun and yummy
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Rooibos loose tea brings some heart to your tea cup

I was never a big tea drinker. Iím a coffee gal through and through. If I donít hit Dunkiní Donuts every morning for my steaming cup of joe, Iím an unhappy camper who communicates in monosyllabic grunts, sighs and expletives until lunchtime. Unfortunately for me (and Dunkiní Donuts), my doctor informed me that I need to give up my cherished caffeine, or else.

Iím not into decaf coffee. I mean seriously, why bother? The only thing I hate more than decaf coffee is ďI Canít Believe Itís Not ButterĒ. Give me the real thing or donít give me anything at all. So now, Iíve officially switched over to tea. I was a bit pensive at first, but then I discovered Special Teas. Special Teas searches the world for the finest teas and delivers them right to your door. Howís that for tea service? Once I brewed a pot of their Sweet Heart Rooibos Loose Tea, I cursed myself for missing out on the tea party for all these years.

This naturally caffeine-free Rooibos Sweet Heart Tea is blended with these tiny little candy hearts and almonds for a sweet treat during the day without all of the guilt. Plus - who knew the amazing list of health benefits Rooibos tea had to offer in those tiny little tea leaves?! Upset stomach? Try some Rooibos! Need to calm your nerves? Try Rooibos! Full of antioxidants, studies show that Rooibos is good for my skin, teeth and bones, and is chock full of fantastic vitamins and minerals!

Itís good for me, makes me feel loved and is totally my cup of tea.


- Naturally caffeine-free
- Use 1 tsp per 6 oz cup
- Starting at $6.95 for 1/4 pound

DID YOU KNOW? Tea helps to fight cancer, heart disease and regulate cholesterol. Mr. T helps fight kids who do drugs and skip school.

*Stock up on more even more delicious flavors of loose leaf tea from Special Teas!

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