How to sell your used clothes

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Used clothing can earn you cash
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Go green and earn some

Children grow out of clothing pretty quickly. It is helpful if you have a friend whose child is just a size or two ahead of or behind yours, but that does not always happen. Or what if you have lost some weight and your clothes no longer fit?

Instead of giving all of your clothes to charity, though admirable, why not sell your used clothes? With the creation of online auction websites, and consignment shops, selling used clothes could not be easier. Here are a few simple tips to sell your used clothes and make some cold, hard cash in the process.

Sell on consignment

Consignment shops have been around forever. Gently used children's and baby clothes, furniture, equipment and more can be head for much lower than original prices. You especially do well with high-end consignment shops if you have cool kids clothing for girls and boys or classic women’s clothing. Consignment shops usually let you sell your used clothes for a combination of cash and credit in their shop, but some offer cash only.

Consignment shops are a great way to get rid of stuff, but beware. The deals are usually so good at consignment stores, and the clothing so cool, that you usually end up purchasing merchandise with the money you have just earned. Even if you purchase when you are selling used clothes on consignment, you still end up with a deal.

Tag sales

One of the easiest ways to sell your used clothes is by holding a good old fashioned tag sale. Make sure all of the clothing is cleaned and as wrinkle-free as possible before hand. Shoppers walk away quickly when the items look as if they came out of the bottom of a laundry bag. Find estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, yard sales and tag sales near you  and make sure you list your tag sale everywhere you can, online and in your local newspapers. Tag sale buyers come out bright and early in the morning, often while you are setting up, hoping to get the best deals.

Online auctions

Websites such as Ebay which sells new and used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods and more at low prices  is a great place to buy used children’s clothing when your child suddenly has a growth spurt at the end of a season. When selling used clothes online, item listings with photographs are the most successful because people want to see what they are buying ahead of time. Use both close-up and full-length shots. Even better is to photograph the clothing on a dressmaker's model or real person. A link to the clothing on a manufacturer's website is a good tip. Even if there is a tear or a small stain, people will purchase children’s clothing as long as the price reflects the defect.

Sell your used clothes and recycle. It is a win-win situation. By being creative, you can sell your used clothes and make a little money in the process. Even a well-worn pair of jeans can be sold if the price is low enough, especially with the current state of the economy. With a little effort, you can be green while you make some "green."


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