Shopping at Catholic religious stores

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Catholic stores are a treasure trove of beautiful, personal gift options
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Shopping at Catholic religious stores can be an uplifting experience

When looking for Catholic supplies or gifts, the place you really need to do your shopping is at a specialized Catholic religious store. This is one of those areas that your regular retail store just won’t cut it. 

Spiritual Gifts

Catholic stores are great places to find gifts appropriate for major religious holidays and individual milestones. Here you'll find rosaries, saint pendants, and wall crosses to commemorate a first communion or confirmation. This is also where to find beautiful nativity sets of nearly any style for Christmas gifts. For a baptism, consider a beautiful baby bracelet with the child's patron saint, or a baptism keepsake box for the parents to stow away all baby's baptism memories after the blessed day. 

Some gifts are “just because” and will present themselves when you need them most. Perusing a Catholic store will give you the opportunity to find just the right thing to encourage a friend in their time of need, soothe a grieving family member, or simply brighten a fellow Catholic coworker's day. Little tokens in the form of jewelry, prayer cards, or a guardian angel clip for their car visor will let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. 

In the Home and Office

There are many things you might find to keep your faith close at hand, whether at home or at work. This is a good place to look for new additions to your religious library. Bibles, reference books, and biographies are all on offer, as well as Bible covers and index tabs for easier reference.

Wall art is an obvious choice, when decorating your home. Depictions of the saints, the Nativity, and other religious icons can lend a sense of peace and sanctity to your surroundings. Then, too, you might find candle holders and some beautiful Catholic statues to complete the setting you wish to create. To keep your rosary in a safe place, Catholic stores have everything from intricately carved rosary boxes to beautiful statues which fit on your dresser or night stand, upon which you can drape your favorite rosary in between uses. 

For the office, framed pictures of your favorite saint or small desk-size figurines of your most cherished Catholic figures can help to personalize your space. A Catholic wall calendar makes a nice addition to any office, as does a tasteful crucifix adorning the wall. 

On the Lighter Side

Sometimes you want a little something to brighten things up; a lighter gift still imbued with religious sentiment. Catholic religious stores have you covered. Among the classic more serious finds, you will also come across t-shirts and even ball caps emblazoned with fun faith-appropriate messages. Next to the Bibles and concordances, most also carry children's books full of fun faith-filled activities, age appropriate Bible stories, and brightly colored pictures. This would be the place to look for Catholic keychains, visor clips, book marks, and trinkets for any purpose. You might even find pages of stickers depicting all sorts of Catholic imagery from the saints to guardian angels to scriptures which can be used to lend beauty to any surface you choose. 

Whatever you find when perusing through an online Catholic catalog or even a brick and mortar store, there is certain to be something "just right" for your needs. 

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