A space toy kids will be over the moon for

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moon shoes
Jump over the moon in these cool shoes
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A space toy that will perfect my moon walk

I'm bummed. I lost my pogo stick, someone swiped my scooter, and the apartment building I live in forced me to remove my trampoline from the common area. To top it all off, I wasn't accepted into Space Camp this summer. What's a kid trapped in a grown man's body to do? After I take a double dose of Ritalin, I'm slipping on a pair of these totally spacey Moon Shoes from Young Explorers.

 These aren't just shoes. These blocks turn your feet into personal mini trampolines. I know, rad. I can defy gravity and jump higher than David Lee Roth did in Van Halen's "Jump" video. They may look wacky but I'm a wacky guy. Here's how it works - The super lightweight shoes are made of high quality, high density plastic and have adjustable nylon strap bindings so they'll even fit over my Yeti sized feet, no problemo. They feature sure footing, nonskid treads and a network of rubber bands that supply the lift-off power.

 Who needs a skateboard when you can Hop A Long Cassidy down the street with a little spring in your step? All of my roller blading neighbors will want a pair, including my trampoline seizing landlord. I can wear them to the grocery store and fly through the aisles, get to the head of the lines at Disney World, I can jump over security gates, ex girlfriends windows… the possibilities are endless.

Houston, we have lift off.

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