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By Robin Becker
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Did a friend go the extra mile? Say your appreciation with a thoughtful gift.
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For the weekend host, the pet-sitter, and anyone who deserves your appreciation

Some favors call for just a note, others for a note and a little something extra, still others for a note and a big something extra! It all depends on the reason you want to say, "Thank you!"

Here are some things to consider when you are trying to select the most appropriate gift. If the favor you're thanking someone for is checking in on your pet, watering your garden or your house plants while you're on a trip, think about how much the kennel or a gardener would have cost. You don't have to sped that much, but it's a good guideline!

If you were gone for just a night or two, arrange to send a food gift from wherever you've been —like a jug of maple syrup or a basket of fresh-picked apples. In fact, you don't have to do that in person; just go online to a cataloger or merchant that specialize in delectable food gift baskets and pick out one that reflects your travels. The bonus of online shopping is you won't have to pack or carry it home!

However, if you were gone for longer than a weekend, a good bottle of wine (one that costs more than $20) or a case of wine is appropriate. Once again, the Internet is your ideal source to order wine by the case or by the bottle. And it's so convenient to have it shipped directly to the deserving recipient.

If you've received a formal dinner-party invitation and want to show your appreciation to your hostess for including you, don't bring flowers (that will just take up your hostess's time looking for a vase and arranging the flowers). Instead, bring a small, low-maintenance gift like beeswax candles or a box of stationery. It's always nice to have items such as these on hand for when an occasion warrants a small gift. Order several things at one time online and you'll never be caught unprepared! Then follow up with a thank-you note or a phone call to your hostess.

Here are some thank you gift ideas for friends who host you for a night or more at their home and serve as personal tour guides to their city. Obviously, the choice of gift should hinge on the length of the visit and the elaborateness of the entertainment. You could give a hostess gift upon your arrival and send a follow-up thank you note. Or, you could send a gift basket prior to your arrival with an appropriate message expressing your thanks (in advance) for their hospitality. By sending a gift basket, you avoid having to add something else to your luggage. The online selection is so varied—from fruits and nuts to cheeses and meats. Also, during your stay, take your hosts out for dinner or offer to prepare a meal. And be sure to invite them to come visit you. Another one of the many thank you gift ideas is to send them a photo album of your visit. Just make certain that the hosts are in some of the pictures!

If you get a job-hunting lead from a friend or business associate, it is proper (although not always done) to send a small gift of appreciation for efforts on your behalf. Even if you don't get the job, consider sending something. Depending on the individual's tastes, thank you gift ideas include a case of beer or, a box of fruit, or an invitation to lunch. Send a note no matter what happens. If you get the job, send some expensive chocolates or flowers along with a second thank-you note.

What if someone pulls strings to get you concert or sports tickets or restaurant reservations? Or what if someone pulled off the impossible — World Series tickets or front row seats for Bruce Springsteen? This definitely calls for a gift! Some thank you gift ideas for momentous occasions include a case of the finest wine or champagne (go online!), a gift certificate from one of the many online retailers that carry the type of products your benefactor likes—from clothing to sporting goods. And always send a note.

There are countless reasons for sending a gift to someone who has done something special for you: Last minute baby sitting, picking up your kids at school, minor handyman services for free. Fortunately, there are as many thank you gift ideas online. The section is as varied as the reasons, and the prices are extremely competitive.

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