The 10 best things at a dollar store

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A one dollar purchase is quite a bargain
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You'll never go back to paying retail prices.

Your local dollar store has some great items – and a great price – to offer you. If you've never been to a dollar store, be forewarned: they can become quite addictive! You can get some great deals on items that cost you 200 to 500 percent more at other stores – once you get used to spending just a dollar for them, you are going to be quite unwilling to go back to paying the retail price.

Here are the 10 best things at a dollar store:

Stationary Supplies. It is simply amazing that you can get these for only a dollar. Ballpoint pens, markers, pencils, crayons, non-toxic glue, glue sticks, tape, paperclips, thumbtacks, envelopes, notebooks, oversize envelopes (with padding), journals/diaries and pencil sharpeners. If school is starting and it is time to buy school supplies, start your shopping at the dollar store – you'll be likely to get most of your list done at less than a third of the cost.

Baby Items. If you have a baby, a dollar store can very well be your best friend. Babies need rattles, bottles, bibs and tiny barrettes for their hair – to name a few items. You can find all of these at your local dollar store. If you are going to a baby shower, a great tip is to go to a dollar store and buy 20 items to put together a beautiful basket of items the future mother will need.

Holiday Decorations. The dollar store is your go-to place for the holidays. Whether it is Halloween, Easter, Christmas or anywhere on the calendar – the dollar store is bound to have cards, hanging decorations, holiday mugs, stuffed animals, masks, tablecloths, decorative napkins and other items to make your holiday complete. You can dress up your holiday for such an inexpensive price that you can afford to change your decorations every year if you wish to!

Candles. So many people love candles. The dollar store often has a lovely variety of candles to offer you, from scented candles to nonscented candles and large candles to smaller ones. You can give candles as gifts or just decorate your home with them. Candles add a lovely glow wherever you add them – and only you will know that glow is costing you exactly one buck!

Snacks. Who doesn't have a favorite snack? Most of us eat a favorite snack every day and often this snack costs us several dollars, even if it is an inexpensive snack. Well you can find candies, chips and lots of other yummy treats at your local dollar store. Often you'll find that snacks are sold as two or three packs for a dollar, so you get lots of snacks for your single dollar. A great dollar store will sell nuts or trail mix snacks too.

Mylar Balloons. Do you like to visit someone on their birthday with a bunch of balloons? Do you want to go to the hospital with balloons? Do you want to welcome that new baby with a bunch of pretty shiny Mylar balloons? Your local dollar store has a wide variety of Mylar balloons in lots of different styles for you to pick from. The only caveat: they don't offer delivery, so you have to bring them personally. But you wouldn't be giving balloons to someone you wouldn't want to see anyway – so it's not a hassle anyway. What a great deal!

Kitchen Items. If you need a kitchen timer, or a strainer for your pasta, your dollar store is the perfect place to find it. A kitchen store will charge you 500 percent what a dollar store will charge for these necessary items. If you know someone who is starting out on their own with a new home or apartment, buy them many kitchen items and make a gift basket – they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  

Beauty Needs. Your dollar store often has shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and body lotion – all for that magic price of a dollar. Instead of paying drugstore prices, you can get your beauty needs met at such a cheaper price. This is a great deal, and you'll still look just as pretty!

Gift Wrapping. If you are gift wrapping presents, be sure to visit your local dollar store where gift wrapping is just a dollar. You can find glittery bows and tape also for only a dollar. Gift bags in lots of different sizes and styles are also available for a dollar. Now if only you could find the gift for a dollar…

Toys. Many dollar stores have a great children's toy department. Most of the toys are plastic and are not name brand, but are still classic toys that will appeal to children. They will have fun playing supermarket with plastic food items and other toys.

To find a dollar store in your community, check the Yellow Pages for dollar stores or discount stores. You may have great luck finding a terrific dollar store in a town that is close by. Enjoy shopping for the 10 best things at a dollar store!

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