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The key is prioritizing your holiday gift list.
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Your shopping is easier with the best gifts online

Some thoughts about getting ready for the gift giving season: When rushing to buy holiday gifts at the last minute, the tendency for most people is to forget their budgets. That's why it's important to plan early, shop early and shop wisely.

Part of the planning stage is to decide who should be on your list to receive gifts. You can do this by putting everyone in different columns: 1} absolutely must give 2} probably should give and 3} it would be nice to give

But...Above all, don't forget to make a column for the children who should be on your list to receive gifts.

Naturally, you can't forget your own, or grandchildren and then you expand your list to include the nieces and nephews and then expand it more to include children of neighbors and the list seems to go on and on and on. Whoa! Look at your list again.

As with the adults, the list of children should be viewed with a realistic eye towards your budget. When you finally decide to whom you're giving a gift, you've conquered the first step (and probably the most difficult). Now, you are ready to shop. Don't move away from your computer. The best gifts online are at your fingertips.

First, take those names in the first column, those under the heading of "absolutely must give. " Then, divide that list into men and women. Once you've done that, start to search the Web for those catalogers and merchants that specialize in gifts geared to men. (Or, if you prefer, start with women).

Shopping for the best gifts online is so easy. For the guy that's interested in power sports, there are sites that feature everything from skateboards and accessories, to Harley Davidson parts. By just pointing and clicking, you'll find truly the best gifts online that will show you've given great thought to your gift and to the person receiving it.

For the cigar smokers on your list, you'll find a site that features the finest cigars and smoker accessories—humidors, lighters, cutters. The selection is wonderful and the prices are more than reasonable.

And, for those that are into the car and truck scene, you could give them a subscription to the leading magazines featuring the latest news and features about all things automotive.

Since so many men are really into the high tech mode, consider checking out all the electronics catalogs that are now on the Web. You'll be able to find all the gadgets and gismos you can think of (and some you never would have thought of).

And what's really nice for your budget is that you'll find many at discounted prices. The list of the best gifts online is endless! Don't forget, many women are into high tech, too.

For the women on your holiday gift list, consider the many unique gifts online that would bring a smile of joy and delight to the face of a lucky recipient.

For example, for someone you know that's into scrapbooking, there are sites that feature kits, supplies and books totally related to this subject. And, there are many more that are dedicated to all sorts of arts and crafts enthusiasts. There's even a site that features miniature dollhouses for those who collect them.

Also, remember when shopping for women, it is not necessary to know their sizes if you want to purchase an interesting accessory like an exotic silk scarf or a jeweled evening bag. Among the unique gifts online are gift certificates from highly reputable merchants. They are an easy way to show that you care and to acknowledge that, perhaps, the recipients have better taste than you! You'll be able to include a cute note to that effect.

Seriously, though, there are so many things from which to choose. If there's a music lover, new CD's are available online; and for the book lover, the latest best sellers are yours to give at the click of your mouse.

And, if you select the food and dining category, you can have a catalog sent to you so that you can select chef-prepared meals delivered right to anyone's door nationwide. Best of all...they go from freezer to table in about 10 minutes. Time is a precious commodity and what better gift can you give a busy person than a fully prepared dinner? Special packaging ensures the utmost freshness and flavor.Talk about finding unique gifts online! This surely is one of them.

For the kids, the Internet offers everything form age appropriate science kits, books, board games, video games and a host of educational toys designed to provide hours of fun and learning. Not only will the kids love them, so will their parents.

Set a price range and you'll be able to scores of gifts for the children on your list. There are also plenty of presents available for the youngest of babies—mobiles, stuffed animals, teething rings, etc. Just imagine not having to go through the agony of fighting all those shoppers in the traditional toy stores. What a relief!

Regardless of whether you're shopping for your family, friends, business associates or for the guy or gal next door, all the unique gifts online will not only make your holiday more relaxed, they will add to the joy of those that receive them.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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