Toddler playhouses for fun toddler play indoors

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toddler playhouse
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Toddler playhouses for toddler play in a home away from home

I wish they made playhouses for adults. Every now and then when work loads are tripled, broken alarms are blaring and company morale is down, wouldn’t it be great to let off some steam in a grown-up sized bounce house? Our company’s break room has a cappuccino machine, a generous sized television and nifty snacks (oooh, dried pears!), but we’re seriously lacking on the therapeutic play toys. They may not make Jump Jumps for big kids yet, so we’ll just have to covet the ones reserved for the little kids.

Give them a home to call their own with this Luxury Toddler Playhouse from Summit Pre K and Kindergarten that provides hours upon hours of interactive fun and creative play for your preschool class or your young brood at home!

For grades Pre K and up, this screened in playhouse features a flapping door with mesh for accessibility, mesh windows with hanging curtains, plus a playhouse with attached screen room and mesh panel for plenty of fresh air and ventilation. Providing an afternoon of fun alone or with friends, this easy to assemble environment has room for up to eight kids, is portable and offers convenient storage while folding up quickly and efficiently if you need the extra room.

Playhome sweet playhome.


- 60" L x 60" W x 60" H
- Holds up to 8 children
- Price: $74.95

DID YOU KNOW? Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Ranked #10 on TV Guide's list of the "25 Top Cult Shows Ever". It was rumored that a jealous Chuck Norris, star of “Walker Texas Ranger” beat Pee-Wee Herman to a bloody pulp for taking his spot on the list.

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