Top ten Father's Day gift ideas

By Rachel Hartman
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Father with young son on shoulders
Show your dad how much you love him this Father's Day
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Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gift for Father's Day? If you want to show your dad you appreciate him, but aren't sure what to get him, you're not alone. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect Father's Day gift.

1. Swiss Army Knife If your father loves the outdoors, or is constantly fixing things around the house or in the car, a Swiss army knife will make an ideal gift. It has many gadgets, including a can opener, tweezers, scissors, screwdriver and wire stripper. This is a thoughtful, yet practical present.

2. Fishing Gear If your dad loves to go fishing, consider getting him a new fishing pole or lure. Better yet, give him new fishing gear and then take him out fishing. The two of you can spend time together making memories while reeling in the day's catch.

3. Tickets to the Game Many dads enjoy sporting events. If your dad is one of them, think about getting him tickets to see one of his favorite teams play. You could even organize a group of people to go together to the game, pack a cooler with snacks for tailgating, and throw in a jersey or cap from his favorite team.

4. Super Dad Basket This gift allows you to tap into your creative juices and not spend much money. Buy a small basket or decorate a jewelry box. Then fill it with things that remind you of your dad. This could include clips from magazines and newspapers, a personal note, pictures, and small trinkets that have meaning to both of you. This is a gift from the heart that any dad is sure to treasure, and can keep in his den, bedroom or office to remember your thoughtfulness.

5. Pen Holder This is another handcrafted way to show your dad that you appreciate him. Take a small jar or can and decorate the outside of it. Glue small pieces of paper to it that compliment Dad, with words such as "super" and "great." He can place it on his desk and fill it with pens.

6. Picture and Frame Buy a picture frame that matches dad's style. Then take a picture of yourself, you and dad or your entire family. Place this in the frame and add a bow.

7. Greatest Dad T-shirt or jacket This time of year, many stores feature World's Greatest Dad t-shirts. Or create your own custom version. Start with a new t-shirt or jacket in your dad's size. Then either paint it with fabric paints (handprints from each of the children are always popular) or take it to a custom print shop where they can add words or pictures that are right for your father. Mall shops or Internet t-shirt sites can create an entire custom shirt, sweatshirt, hat or jacket for a very reasonable price.

8. Items for the Grill If your dad likes to grill, look for an item that will make cookouts more enjoyable for him, so the next time he fires up the grill, he will think of you. Choose a set of grill utensils, an outdoor chef's hat and apron set, or a grill cookbook for new cookout ideas. Or if the budget permits, how about a top of the line grill or outdoor kitchen center for the ultimate grilling experience.

9. Duct Tape Wallet For the dad who has everything, consider making a duct tape wallet. These wallets are easy to make if you follow the simple instructions which can be found online. These unique wallets are a great conversation starter, and can be used just like other normal wallets.

10. Hammock Father's Day is a perfect time for your dad to relax. Show your dad you think he's earned a chance to rest in style. This year, give your dad a rope hammock to help him kick up his feet and take it easy. Your dad will enjoy this gift through all each and every nap this summer!

These top ten Father's Day gift ideas may include the perfect gift for your dad this year. Choose carefully and remember that you often do not need to spend a lot of money to show that you care. Your father will appreciate the thought from his precious child on that special day.

Get creative and use your imagination. Think about what your dad loves to do, collections he has or activities he enjoys. Has he mentioned a hobby or sport he's like to try? A book he's wanted to read? Think out the things he has mentioned and then go shopping.

Once you find the perfect gift, wrap it, add a card and then wait for Father's Day. Your dad will be glad to have the gift from his child, and will enjoy your thoughtfulness on his special day.

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