Unusual gifts for a woman

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The trick to finding great but unusual gifts for a woman
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It's not that hard to find unusual gifts for a woman

The attitude towards women has most definitely changed in the last 25 years. And no where is that change more evident in the acceptance (if somewhat reluctantly) of women doing what was erroneously considered "men's work". This applies not only to the work force, but also to the home front.

Who would have thought, as recently as fifty years ago' that women would be so prominent in every field of endeavor—from being an astronaut to being a welder atop a fifty story building? Doctor, lawyer and firefighter - now all accepted professions for a woman. As the saying goes, "You've come a long way, baby!"

No longer is it the sole domain of the "man of the house" to be the home improvement guru. In many cases the woman is the head of household and it becomes necessary for her to handle repairs. Even when a man is present, it is the woman who's the "fixer upper." It is because of this change in lifestyle that the traditional box of candy is not, in so many cases, really what a woman wants. That's why it takes some considered thought in searching for unusual gifts for a woman. Enter the Internet!

If you have wracked your mind thinking about what to get for a woman on your list, think first about what she does, both professionally and at home. A brief case would be nice for an attorney or an executive. A fireman's prayer afghan or other firefighter themed gift item would be especially meaningful to the woman whose office is the firehouse. Or, how about one of the newest electronic recording devices?

Just point and click and an entire shopping mall can be on your desk top. Don't forget, also, that there are many unusual gifts for a woman that you may never have considered before—like a power drill or one of the new laser levels that make hanging pictures so much easier.

More and more home supply giants are gearing their marketing towards women because more and more women are buying tools and other hardware that had always been thought of as strictly "guy stuff". But you don't have to wander the isles of a huge warehouse to find a great gift. Online merchants and catalogers can offer you so many ideas for unusual gifts for a woman. Just start browsing and you will be amazed at the selection.

For the always on the go woman, a surprise package of prime steaks might just delight her, or, if she's not into cooking, there are so many ready- to -eat gift packages that can be sent guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty. No fuss, no muss—just sheer gastronomic joy.

And, among the great unusual gifts for a woman who is into cooking, would be a gift subscription to one of the many book clubs that feature magazines and books for the gourmet. Once again, all available online. How easy can shopping be?

Is the woman in your life a gardener? If so, have you considered buying her a collection of Dutch bulbs for her garden? Their variety and beauty is breathtaking. Tulips, daffodils, iris, hyacinth and so many more are now available online.

You can order them and they'll be shipped at the proper planting time for the zone in which the recipient lives. And, the experts can assist you in selecting just those bulbs that will grow best in a particular area of the country. This idea would undoubtedly qualify to be on the list of unique gifts for her and would be so appreciated by someone who delights in her gardening efforts and breathtaking results.

While on the list of possibilities of gifts for the green thumb on your list, also consider the myriad of helpful garden tools that are depicted online. While an easy to handle garden trowel might not be a romantic gift, it certainly is a useful one. So is a bag of organic mulch! They are both unique gifts for her, and ones that surely would be appreciated. You can find a number of helpful gardening sites online that will be sure to pique your interest and make you say to yourself, "Why didn't I ever think of that?"

Of course, we realize that women like a variety things—from the practical to the whimsical. Into the practical category could fall such every day items as a coffee pots, but now there are new and exciting coffee pots that stretch one's imagination. There not just the ordinary drip models; there are some new electronic ones that do everything for you—from grinding the coffee, to starting at the proper time and to adding just the right amount of froth. You just have to drink the coffee.

And, if you want a bit of whimsy to go along with the coffee pot, why not give her a personalized coffee mug. So, if you're looking for unique gifts for her, stay where you are and search the Web.

For the hobbyist on your list there's everything from scrapbooking kits to every conceivable arts and craft supply you can think of (and probably a lot you never would think of).

The problem with many of us is that we tend to limit our imagination when trying to purchase gifts for a woman; we think of the traditional rather than some truly unique gifts for her. That's why the Internet is so helpful. It widens our mind and lets us expand our search. Enjoy!

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