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Travel to Ireland and discover a world of culture
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Video travel guide for 7 days of Irish travel bliss

Iíve never been to Ireland. The closest Iíve come to tasting the flavors of Ireland is drinking green beer on St. Patrickís DayÖ that and eating heaping bowls of frosted Lucky Charms for breakfast. 

Scratch that, being a Bostonite, all of my early boyfriends were Irish, so Iím sure one of them cooked me a Shepherdís pie at some point during the relationship, so top of the morning to me!

I would love more than anything to explore the lush green islands of Ireland, taking in the beautiful valleys and fascinating mountain landscapes. I can see myself now, a happy dark-haired lass spinning in circles on top of a hill, singing at the top of my lungs just like Julie Andrews did in ďThe Sound of MusicĒ [For the record, I know that was Austria, not Ireland].

For my last vacation I went to Key West for the holidays with my kids. Yeah, I wouldnít call it a dream vacation. Iím not giving up on Ireland just yet though. Iím convinced that one day a little leprechaun will find me and grant me my wish with a first class ticket to Dublin, all expenses paid. Until then Iím brushing up on my Irish history with an in-depth 7 Day Irish video travel guide that will help me get the most out of my stay.

Thanks to 7 days - Ireland, I have my trip all planned out. First stop Ė an authentic Irish pub in Dublin for a pint of Guinness, next horse racing in Kildare, then back to the pub in Dublin for more Guinness.

It would be magically delicious.

DID YOU KNOW? Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups - alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.

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