What to buy a hockey fan

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Hockey toy
Toys that look like favorite players are good choices
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Here are some tips on what to buy a hockey fan for birthdays and other occasions

When you are out looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, the shopping experience can always be a bit harrowing. This is even more the case if the person you are shopping for has very specific tastes.

On the flip side, if you have a special someone in your life who has a very specific interest, such as the NFL or NHL then you can actually find yourself having a much easier time. Once you understand what they actually like, there are really any number of different things you can get in order to make that special someone very, very happy.

If you are asking yourself what to buy a hockey fan, take solace in knowing that there are a ton of great gift ideas out there and they are really only limited by how much money you want to spend and just how big a fan the person is. You should also ask yourself whether they are the kind of fan that likes to go out and play hockey in their spare time, or they are more of a collector who enjoys watching on TV and immersing themselves in the sport that way.

Some of the ideas will be more attractive to one kind of fan or another, but it's hard to go wrong as long as you keep in mind what their personalities are like.

Collectable Toys

One really good way to go for the die hard hockey fan is to get them something that will allow them to kind of start a collection. This means you can get them plush toys or pieces of memorabilia that harkens back to their favorite team. There are even collectible hockey toys that come in all shapes and sizes that allow you to get a gift that points not only to their favorite team but also their favorite player.

If you really want to do some searching you can even find something like a limited edition bobblehead that will give your favorite hockey fan something that others only just dream about having. These aren't the plastic bobbleheads that you can find on any store shelf. You need to go into a collectables shop or even a pawn shop in order to find these. These are made of glass and a quite a bit more fragile. If you can find the fan one of these you will truly be a hero in their eyes.

Official Merchandise

If your hockey fan likes to look the part of the fan when they are watching their favorite team, then getting a piece of official merchandise like a jersey or hat is the way to go. The good news is there is enough merchandise out there that you can safely avoid getting them something they already have and you can also do a little extra work and find something that isn't that easy to find at your local Target. 

Tickets to a Game

Any true hockey fan is going to love actually getting to go see a game live and in person. The one drawback of this particular route is that you may not actually live in the city where your fan's favorite team actually plays. The good news is that if they are truly a hockey fan, they are likely a fan of the sport in general.

Even if you can't get to an NHL game, there is likely some kind of local hockey team in the vicinity of where you live. These kinds of teams are pretty spread out over the country and if you look you will likely find one. Get that special someone a ticket to one of these games and watch their face light up.

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