What to send that tastes like homemade

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Traditional pies are perfect for gifting
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Here's what to send that tastes like homemade when you need a special gift

Sending food you made with love is an ideal way to show you care. Unfortunately itís not always an option. The next best thing is to go with a special food or dessert with comforting, familiar flavors thatíll remind your recipient of home.

Finding what to send that tastes like homemade is simple. A number of bakeries and frozen food companies specialize in creating products with a wholesome homemade touch. A few factors to consider include the area youíre from, whether your recipient prefers sweet or savory, the season, dietary needs and other factors that influence your own cooking.

Also consider the reason you want to send food in the first place. For celebratory occasions that call for some happy indulgence, a dessert is almost always the right answer. Itís important to choose something that will travel well, like cakes, cookies and other gourmet baked treats.

Baked goodness

Whether the holidays are approaching or a birthday is around the corner, fruitcake, pecan cakes and spiced cakes are a welcome surprise. These cakes and thick pecan pies are full of texture and flavor. The classic blend of warm cinnamon with plump fruits or nuts produces the kind of luscious results that must have come from a home kitchen. 

If your child or friend recently moved away and is spending her first autumn far from home, can you think of better company on a cool night? Imagine her enjoying a slice with some tea and new friends. The conversation pauses when she takes that first bite because for a moment sheís right back home.

Belly warming soups

Winter is a difficult time to miss somebody. The long nights give you plenty of time to wonder what theyíre doing, are they taking good care of themselves? You know the answer is probably yes, but giving the gift of something warm and nourishing is comforting to both sides.

When youíre wondering what to send that tastes like homemade, remember how wonderful a warm bowl of delicious soup is for the body and spirit. Choose a seasonal flavor Ė autumn butternut squash or pumpkin, winter chili or minty spring pea soup. Many kinds are packed with vegetables and familiar, hearty tastes that must have been made from scratch. Shhh!

Pot pies

Many moms swear by family size frozen pot pies - as long as the sodium content isnít through the roof. The combination of a golden brown flaky crust and gravy mixed with chopped vegetables and meat embodies many meals families share together over the years. This is great food for a casual dinner to send to a child whoís away at college, a sibling or other loved one you miss dearly. 

The recipient can enjoy with a side of homemade mashed potatoes, biscuits or some sweet potato fries. Timeless pot pie flavors range from cheesy broccoli and turkey (with a side of cranberry sauce) beef or chicken with gravy.


Many consider casseroles, mac and cheese and other one pot meals their signature dishes. The relatively simple recipes with classic combinations like cheese and pasta are a delicious canvas to tweak with a few special spices to make a dish your own. Send your son baked mac and cheese and tell him exactly how to make it taste like home whether your special ingredient is mustard, caramelized peppers or hot sauce.

Another easy thing to ship is a jar of pasta sauce. You can quickly doctor this up to taste homemade by adding roasted garlic or fresh oregano from the garden. All your recipient has to do is boil some pasta to enjoy a semi-homemade dinner.

You have quite a few choices of what to send that tastes like homemade. Whether you go sweet or savory, frozen or fresh the thought behind the surprise will be warmly received.

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