Where can I buy Annalee dolls

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Annalee mouse figure
Bring these adorable Annalee faces home for your holidays
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Wondering where to buy Annalee dolls that have captured hearts since the 1940s

You've seen them in Christmas and other holiday displays for years. Maybe your Aunt had them on her tree, or as a part of a sweet Valentine's Day centerpiece.  Or perhaps you recognize them from those elaborate holiday window displays, as you strolled along a snowy sidewalk in New York City or downtown Philadelphia or Boston. 

Those adorable little faces were hard to miss. And now you want some for your own home. But you're wondering where can I buy Annalee dolls? 

Traditionally, the small town gift shop was the destination of choice for finding little collectible like these. People would anxiously await each year's new dolls, and hope that their favorites had returned for another year. But with less and less true gift shops around (a sad legacy of the big box store revolution), it can be harder to know where to start.

Several major department stores do carry a selection of Annalee dolls, but that too can be hit or miss. Online auctions sites like eBay are another source, but it's buyer beware. Knock-offs have been appearing on some resale sites, so do check out the seller's reputation, reviews and return policies. 

A better choice

For years, the company has maintained a shop in New Hampshire, but unless travel took you to the area, you were limited to whatever local shops chose to carry. Fortunately, the company itself has stepped into the void, and is selling their popular dolls and animals directly through their online site. And they're offering more choices than ever. 

There are dolls and animals for every occasion. Halloween dolls, Valentine's dolls, Irish dolls and of course, Christmas dolls. They have a line of special moments dolls for weddings, moms-to-be and patriotic dolls perfect for service members. They even offer personalized dolls for birthdays, get-well and teacher gifts.

Did you know?....
(Some fun facts about Annalee)

Annalee dolls are a New England success story. The creator of the dolls was born in New Hampshire, and that's where the company got its start and is still headquatered. 
The faces on Annalee dolls all resemble the face of creator Barbara Annalee Davis Thorndike

The founder of the company, who preferred to be called Annalee, started making decorative dolls as a child, and began selling them in her late teens. 

The company came into being when Annalee and her husband's farm fell on hard times when the price of eggs fell in the 1950s. The initial money to start the business came from the sale of a part of their poultry farm. 

The very first Annalee dolls were in the shape of skiers. 

Annalee dolls were used to decorate the White House Christmas tree when President Gerald Ford was in office

In 1990, the company returned to its skier doll roots when they became one of the sponsors for the United States Ski Team. A special "Victory Ski Doll" was created to commemorate the event. 

Annalee dolls have been used for decades in Christmas and other holiday displays in major department stores in Boston, New York and other cities. Special taller versions of their dolls are made just for these holiday displays. 

Annalee dolls have sold for as much as $6,000 at auction

Entire books and websites exist just to document, sell and display vintage Annalee dolls.

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