Women’s fashion shirts and fashion tees for women

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butterfly tee
This butterfly tee is perfect for Spring
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Women’s fashion shirts for cool, fashionable women

I’m a social butterfly.

Every day when I come in to work, I breeze from room to room, pollinating the offices with laughter. Much like a butterfly, I wear diverse patterns (usually on my sweatpants) and have an erratic yet graceful style of flight. Some watch me as a hobby, others have tried to capture me with nets. I wasn’t always this popular, you should have seen me during my pupa stage.

Since the change of seasons, I’ve been needing some new clothing and thought what better way to celebrate the rebirth of Spring than with a V-neck Butterfly fashion tee shirt in a shade of Peacock blue that really brings out my eyes.

Not only is this fashion top hip, trendy and comfy, it’s also made of 100% certified organic and clean cotton with a graphic butterfly print that is drawn with eco-friendly water-based inks. I made a New Year’s resolution to be more environmentally responsible and have been wearing organic tank tops to work out at the gym. I’ve taken to toxic free clothing like a moth to a flame and am totally ready to go green with my entire wardrobe, starting with this figure flattering tee that also comes in Bitter Chocolate, Marshmallow and Stereo Red. These tops keep me cool, they’re smart, safe and make me feel amazing when I wear them.

The best part? Shop online and organic tees don’t cost a wing and a leg.

DID YOU KNOW? Entomologists have created a new class of imitation butterflies that are safer for the environment and have less body fat. They’re called - “I Can’t Believe they’re not Butterflies”.

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