Ayurvedic body types

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What is your Ayurvadic body type?

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Ayurveda is natural system of medicine practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. It uses natural therapies and lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat illness. Ayurvedic body types are important to understand if you wish to follow an ayurvedic health plan or diet regimen.

There are three ayurvedic body types: vata, pitta and kapha. Each body type has distinct characteristics. You may find that you are a combination of two body types.


Vata people are typically very tall, but could also be very short. They are non-muscular with thin and somewhat bony limbs. Vata body types have a quick walking gait with short, fast steps. The complexion is thin, dark and cool. The face has a long and angled structure, usually with a small chin. The neck is typically thin. The nose is small and slender, and possibly long either asymmetrical or a bit crooked. The eyes are small, narrow and deep-set, and frequently dark brown or grey. Mouths are small with thin and narrow lips. The teeth are irregular in shape. The hair is thin, dark and sometimes curly.


Pitta types have an evenly developed physical structure with strong muscular limbs. Their walking gait is at a medium rate. They have a confident, strong voice with exact speech. Pitta types have fair skin that often burns quickly with exposure to the sun. They also can have freckles and may have a tendency to get rashes. Their hair is frequently fair or red in color and may become grey quickly. Pitta types have heart-shaped faces, usually with a pointy chin. Their eyes are often light in color such as blue, grey or hazel. Their mouth is average in size with teeth that often have a yellowish tint.


Kapha types have a broad-shaped frame with large and long limbs. They are well-developed. They often have a deep voice with slow, rhythmic speech. Their skin is typically thick, oily and pale. They have plenty of thick hair and it is often wavy, shiny and brown. The neck is sturdy and thick to match their limbs. A kapha type has a large, rounded nose. The eyes are blue or light brown. They have a large mouth with full lips and large white teeth.

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