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The skin is the body's largest organ and an amazing structure
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Knowing some facts about the skin and its care can lead to a smile and a glow

What is thick, thin, smooth, oily or dry and depending upon one’s race variously hued in shades ranging from deep velvet to vampire pale? 

If you know a few facts about skin, you’ll know the answer—human skin, the body’s largest organ. The skin occupies some 25 square feet of each adult human’s real estate. Each square inch possesses about 20 feet of blood vessels. It’s an ever-changing, protective envelope for all the muscles, bones, organs and body systems that enable life. 

And the more you know about skin, the more you'll be in awe at the body’s adaptability. Heat, cold, humidity, heavy sports activity, invasions by germs and assaults by cream pies are just some of the potential problems dealt with every day by the skin.

Every hour, each person on earth sheds about 60,000 tiny bits of skin, enough to equal about one-and-one-half pounds of skin, every year. Just think. A person age 70 can lay claim to the shedding of slightly more than 100 pounds of skin up to that point. Nevertheless, each person has a personal skin story, one reflecting individual differences in the skin they're in.

Many folks can complain their skin is plagued with eruptions, pimples, blushing, evil-smelling sweat or unsightly conditions best remedied with acne treatments. Acne especially is a concern for teens and young adults whose relief is found in medical advice, and perhaps oil-free moisturizers, acne treatment gels, gentle soaps, deep pore cleansers and an array of acne care products that help one face the world with a smile and a clear complexion.

Maintenance of great skin

Fortunately, a healthy diet, an infusion of appropriate amounts of sunshine and ample soap and water is all most people need to have great skin. 

Beyond good health, it is beauty products, shaving lotions, moisturizers and sun screens that add a touch of luxury. Many women and increasing numbers of men, too, have researched the current standards for healthy skin care, and are seeking out some of today’s gentle exfoliating products, concoctions that smooth without irritation. 

The most advanced exfoliation products offer natural elements such as tiny beads of jojoba that polish the skin and then dissolve away into a foamy lather. One of the most popular can be used daily and is a citrus-scented cleansing scrub known for being gentle. Many other products also are available.

Conditions that impact skin

A quick investigation into facts about skin will reveal that some skin conditions are fairly commonplace in today’s society. 

Skin can reflect age-associated changes, often becoming thin and less resilient. Skin can be attacked by abscesses, especially when circulation is restricted, as is the case with people confined to bed for long periods. Burns can damage the skin in varying degrees. 

Some aspects of skin care are scary, too.. Adults and teens, too, are encouraged to get regular skin screenings. Skin cancer is easily treated if caught early and facts about skin heighten awareness of symptoms. Teens—because they are younger—especially have ample chance to preserve their skin through diet, exercise and vitamins for teens that are formulated for their age group.

The skin is often regenerated

Did you know your skin has a miraculous proclivity for regeneration? It's true!

Human beings shed all of the cells in the outer layer of their skin about once a month—every 27 days or so. A new layer, formed beneath the old layer, rises to the top of the skin’s surface to provide a body wrapping that continues to work at peak efficiency. Diet, vitamins, minerals and other factors such as sufficient hydration assist the skin in its quest to maintain its normal status—healthy and resilient. 

There is help for dry skin

• Use lukewarm water; avoid hot or cold water
• Refrain from scrubbing with a loofah or washcloth
• Use minimal amounts of gentle cleaners
• Restrict baths and showers to 10 or 15 minutes
• Always apply moisturizer after bathing or showering

Dry skin is one of the most universally experienced skin problems. Try some simple petroleum jelly as a moisturizer. Wear cotton gloves during sleep to enable the moisturizer to work overnight. Getting to know your skin, especially irritated skin, damaged skin, oily skin and dry skin, will support some easy-to-maintain practices that are sure to be appreciated by every inch of your 25 square feet of super-splendid skin.

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