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A coughing fit is no laughing matter
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How you get rid of a cough depends on what is causing it

Breaking out in a coughing fit in a roomful of people is not only mortifying for the hacker but clears out a room faster than you can shake a stick. People hack because there is mucus or other unfamiliar substances in the upper airway passages and lungs the body needs to purge. In this situation, coughs are practical because the person needs to rid himself of the substances.

However, the hacking can be so severe and enduring it results in vomiting, prevents a person from sleeping peacefully and cause issues with breathing.

So how to figure out how do you get rid of a cough?

Medical treatment depends on what is causing it

Not all coughs are the same nor respond to identical treatment. Sometimes over-the-counter medicines work satisfactorily while other times they do not. If a person has a bacterial infection, in addition to the hacking, he may require antibiotics. Those with viral infections are not treated with antibiotics because they are ineffectual.

The individual that wheezes a result of a lung disease may need oxygen therapy. Sometimes medication leads to hacking. The medicine should be discontinued under a doctor's supervision.

Acid reflex leads to gagging because of the acid coming back up into the throat from the stomach. The acid reflex or GERD-generated hack is worse when a person is lying flat on his back and during the day. Medication is available to treat this and dietary change is recommended.

Coughs caused by infections and those not caused by infections

There are acute hacks that come on swiftly and powerfully as the result of both infections and non-infections. An infection may be present when a person has night sweats, a runny nose, headache, vomiting, postnasal drip and sinus pressure along with hacking. If phlegm is present this indicates an infection is at hand; however, phlegm can also be present when there is no infection.

A non-infection bark presents after a person is exposed to environmental irritants or chemicals. Wheezing takes place and worsens if the person is re-exposed to the agent or when he engages in certain physical activities. Coughs of this nature respond to allergy medications or the use of inhalers.

Those with asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema have relentless bouts of hacking, worsening when doing something physical. In this case, there is not sufficient sputum, which is saliva or mucus, with the hack. This can be remedied to a degree by inhaled medication or oral or inhaled steroids.

Hacking can be a warning sign of cancer. The person may bark up blood if there is cancer in the air passages or lungs.

Home remedies

If you  believe you have a run-of-the mill issue not requiring medication treatment, try to treat it yourself with home remedies.

  • Chicken soup helps. It is rife in antioxidants and nutrients and fights the flu and colds that accompany hacking.
  • Garlic builds the immune system and serves an an antiviral and antibacterial agent. Mix a bit of raw crushed garlic with some honey. Put this combination into boiled water. Let it steep. Strain the garlic and drink when the water has cooled.
  • Honey prevents the tickle that spurs on wheezing. It also kills viruses and bacteria.
  • Fresh lemon juice is soothing because it contains vitamin C and antioxidants that prompt healing and kill bacteria. Put lemon juice and honey together, add some warm water and sip.
  • Red onions combined with brown cane sugar and/or raw honey is effective in quelling attacks. Peel and slice the onion. Put the onion slices in a bowl and then add a layer of brown sugar or raw honey, or both. Keep layering until you have used up the onion. Let the covered concoction sit on the kitchen counter top over night. In the morning there is a syrup. Eat a tablespoonful of syrup as needed.

Take note

There is a resurgence of whooping cough/pertussis in the Untied States. This disease has long been under control by virtue of the DPT shot. However, the most recent pertussis shot is not as effective as the older version. The highest number of pertussis cases in the past 50 years in the United States occurred in 2012.

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