Homeopathic health

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Homeopathic health
Homeopathic health uses natural ingredients to cure patients
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How homeopathic medicine is used for health problems

What is homeopathic health?
Homeopathic health is based on homeopathy, which is a type of gentle alternative medicine that uses natural ingredients. It was created in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor.

In homeopathy, patients are treated with heavily diluted preparations called remedies. They are often liquid herb tonics but some homeopathic medicine is given in pill or tablet form. It is believed that these remedies cause effects similar to the patient’s symptoms in large amounts, but that the patients can be cured by giving them very small amounts. This is based on an ancient medical principle of "like cures like." The potency of the homeopathic remedies is determined by the severity of symptoms.

Hahnemann used something called “the Law of Proving” to determine the healing effects of various substances such as minerals, plants, animals, and chemical material. He tested the substances on patients with certain symptoms and once he figured out which substances treated which symptoms, he published his findings. They are still used in homeopathy today.

What can homeopathy help with?

Homeopathy is usually used to treat minor health issues such as allergies, colds, the flu, and asthma, though it is sometimes used for more serious conditions such as sleep apnea and arthritis. Some people use it for mental health issues, such as anxiety.

According to the American Cancer Society, some people who strongly believe in homeopathic medicine think the remedies can cure more serious illnesses. However,  the ACS warns that "responsible practitioners do not use homeopathic remedies to treat diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or other major illnesses. Nor do they use it to treat surgical emergencies or serious infections or injuries.”

None of the homeopathic remedies are harmful or can cause adverse side effects. The ACS says the only danger of homeopathy is if people put off seeing a doctor for a proven treatment for a more serious illness.

Does homeopathy really work?
This is a hotly debated question. While some think homeopathic remedies cause the body’s natural defenses to be stimulated, there has not been scientific proof that they are effective. However, many believe that homeopathic treatments are very effective and offer explanations that how it works is a mystery. In some clinical studies, homeopathic medicine proved effective for minor ailments such as allergies, but other studies have not had the same findings. Many skeptics believe the placebo effect is what makes it work, meaning that the patient’s symptoms are reduced simply because they think the medicine is working or is going to work.

Who can treat me?
A person who is qualified to treat patients with homeopathic medicine is called a homeopath. Homeopaths need to be trained in a certified program in order to practice. However, there is controversy about how well-trained homeopaths should be.

Some homeopaths take a full-time, full-length training course similar to school for traditional medicine. Some countries give out doctorate degrees in homeopathy, though others do not offer such official training. It is preferable to have a medical homeopath who has been trained enough in medicine to understand the full extent of symptoms and disease. However, there are some lay courses that allow people to practice without much training or scientific background.

If you are not sure if a homeopath is qualified enough for your liking, ask them what type of training they received and where, how long they trained for (the longer the better), if they have medical background, and if they belong to any professional associations. If you are concerned or are unsure if they are qualified enough, ask them for several references. It is also preferable to use a homeopath who practices on a full-time basis rather than on the side with another job. Remember, homeopathic medicine cannot hurt you. If you believe in it, it can actually help you. You just need to remember to seek true medical help if you are experiencing a major illness.

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