How to conquer bad breath

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Regular tooth brushing can solve your problem by removing bacteria and making your breath smell fresh. Toothpaste containing tea-tree oil fights bacteria that causes bad breath
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If you are embarrassed by your bad breath, try some of these remedies.

Nobody wants to have bad breath. When we meet someone for the first time, our breath is one of the first things that person notices. Having bad breath is a sign that you might be unsanitary and leaves a negative impression. Bad breath typically occurs when bacteria build up on your gums, tongue, teeth or other areas of your mouth. If you want to get rid of bad breath, try these remedies.


Gargle Water


Take a swig of water and gargle it in the back of your throat, swish it around in your mouth and let it get between your teeth and gums. You want to get rid of any bacteria in your mouth and spit it out.




There are a variety of mints and breath sprays on the market that can solve your bad breath problem. Sucking on a mint causes your mouth to generate saliva, which will dislodge built up bacteria and bring a fresh scent to your mouth.




If you have parsley left over on your plate from lunch, eat it after your meal. Parsley has chlorophyll, which fights germs and neutralizes your breath. Parsley may not have much taste, but it can get rid of bad breath and keep you from embarrassing situations later in the day.


Eat Something


Eat part of an orange or lemon peel. Eating anything except onions, garlic or strong cheeses will help you. Eating causes saliva to flow, removing bacteria from your mouth.


Scrape Your Mouth


Bacteria builds up on your tongue. Run your tongue over your teeth a few times to try to break off the bacteria. Rub all sides of your tongue on your teeth and be sure to rinse. It's not enough to simply scrape off the bacteria. You need to remove it from your mouth.


Use a Mouth Rinse


A mouth rinse that contains chlorine dioxide will not only dislodge the bacteria in your mouth, it will remove it. Any mouth rinse will help when fighting bad breath because rinsing your mouth frees up bacteria. However, the best rinses contain chlorine dioxide.


Brush Your Teeth


Regular tooth brushing can solve your bacteria problem. It is common for bacteria to find their way inside your gums or under or on your teeth. Brushing your teeth will remove bacteria and make your breath smell fresh. Try a toothpaste that contains tea-tree oil, which is a disinfectant that fights bacteria.




Consider raiding your spice rack at home to fight your bad breath. Pop some cloves in your mouth and bite into them to release the oil. The entire sense of the clove oil will permeate your mouth, killing bacteria. This might burn. Once you can't stand the taste anymore, spit them out.


You also might want to try chewing on dill, cardamom, fennel or cinnamon. Each of these spices can keep your breath from smelling and relieve your halitosis. In addition, cinnamon will actually kill bacteria.

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