How to recover from injury

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Crutches are often part of the recovery process
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Knowing how to recover from injury properly can speed up healing time

Just about no one wants to become hurt, especially athletes. Having a sprain, brake or other type of problem can keep you on the sidelines for a long period of time. However, knowing how to recover from injury correctly can get you back out there soon.

Visit a Doctor

Receiving an examination from a doctor is the best thing you can do to heal your issues. The doctor will help to diagnose what is wrong, and then devise a treatment plan to get you back in action.

Your physician may prescribe medication, physical therapy or even something that can help you get around, like a sturdy cane or walker. Having this support takes the pressure off of the hurt part of your body, which can help it heal. Additionally, it is important to do what the doctor tells you, as adhering to what he says can help you get better, faster.


When getting over a sprain, break or tear, it is important not to over-do things. Not allowing your problem to rest can cause it to become even worse, or take longer to get better.

If you have a break, the doctor will likely put you in a cast or splint. You shouldn't do much in the form of exercise or moving while your bone is healing. Once the doctor removes the cast or splint, you can start to ease back into things. Until then, you'll need to rest the break as much as possible.

Keeping the injured part of your body elevated can often reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Prop the affected area up on a pillow or other raised surface. Keeping swelling to a minimum may increase the speed of the healing process.

Take this opportunity to relax and allow your body to perform its natural healing properties.

Exercise A Little

Some ailments heal on their own, whereas others need the help of physical therapy. Therapy helps the muscles around your break or surgical site become strong, which can protect the weakened area.

Low-impact exercises, such as swimming, can keep you moving without causing much trauma for the recovering ailment. Doing small movements, which your therapist can teach you, can also help you to feel better and get back to yourself.

Your doctor may also give you exercises to perform at home, to help the healing begin. Eventually, you may even work up to weight lifting to get your issue better. Bottom line is to limit the amount of exercise you perform, as doing too much can impair your recovery.


Most people know that some problems begin to feel better with therapeutics. For instance, placing a heating pad over your injury can often do wonders to improve pain. Heating pads often come in dry or moist varieties, and each has its own benefits. Alternating between the two is often helpful, as well. To be safe, however, consult with your doctor before wearing a heating pad.

Massage therapy often works wonders when healing an ailment. Massage helps blood flow, which can decrease the time it takes for your issue to get better. Additionally, therapy of this nature often helps to relieve stress and pain, thus improving the way your entire body feels. You can perform beneficial massage techniques yourself, or visit a therapist. Either method will likely improve the way you feel.


Certain medications may speed up your body's healing time, as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce swelling, which can take the pain away and make you feel better, sooner. Certain pain medications can also improve your quality of life while you are waiting for your ailment to repair itself.

Before you take any medication, however, it is important to first consult with your doctor.

When you know how to recover from injury properly, you can come back feeling even better and stronger than before.

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