How to Stay Healthy This Winter

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

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flu season
Avoid the flu this winter
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Know how to stay healthy this winter and avoid miserable annual flu season illne

Winter is called flu season for a reason! This is the time of year where everyone is getting sick, runny noses literally run amuck, and tissues begin making regular appearances.

Protect yourself by incorporating these tips into your routine to stay well and out of the cold medicine aisle. 

Exercise Regularly

Everyone is so concerned about working out before summer in order to have a “beach body,” but it is much more important to your health to exercise as we enter into winter.

Humans operate on herd immunity which, in the simplest terms, means we keep each other well by keeping ourselves well. Unfortunately, this also means that illnesses can spread rapidly if people’s immune systems are not safeguarded against viruses and bacteria. Consider exercising a small step towards keeping your community well, and a very large step towards keeping yourself well this winter.

Exercise has been shown time and time again to boost the power of your immune system and strengthen your entire body overall. Working out often has also been shown to correlate with healthier eating outside of the conscious decision to eat better.

Researchers believe the body begins craving more nourishing foods as a physiological response to regular activity and is your body’s way of naturally building up a strong wall of protection against nasty micro-invaders. 
Actively Balance Diet

When doctors say “balanced diet,” they mean to eat more healthy choices, and less sweets and treats in order to optimize your health.

With the rapid-fire holiday succession that are winters in the U.S. - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years - I know that this is not the time to say no to all the good food and drink this season brings. In order to enjoy it all without compromising your immune system, it is best to overload with healthy options in conjunction with the junk food.

Enjoy your holiday meals, but be sure to also actively balance your winter diet with densely nutritious food like raw fresh greens, immune system support supplements such as echinacea, and abstaining from alcohol when possible.

Engage the Whole Family

Encouraging your family to employ these steps to stay well will help keep your house protected. Go out as a family to get your flu shots and immune support supplements--they even have them in gummy form for the little ones!

Talk to your family about food choices this holiday season and see if there are any healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes you all could make together to help actively balance your diets. 

Avoiding illness during the holidays may seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Here I’ve gone over some easy, accessible ways to learn how to stay healthy this winter. Of course, if you do get the flu, you should know the basics of taking care of the flu to recover as quickly as you can, check in with your physician to make sure you don't need a course of anti-virals.

Keep yourself and your family well this holiday season by putting your health first!

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