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It is important to know that all scooters are not the same
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Mobility scooters help the disabled regain their independence

Disabled or elderly patients who are hampered by limited mobility can regain their active lifestyles with the aid of a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are perfect for use outside of the home, which allows those who depend on them the freedom to get outside again and do for themselves, on their own terms.

With a mobility scooter, disabled or elderly people can take a stroll through the neighborhood, visit neighbors or access their local market. A mobility scooter gives back to these individuals their independence and ability to take care of themselves. The cost of a scooter is a small price to pay for what he or she is receiving in return.

Electric wheelchairs also help the mobile-challenged. However, newer mobility scooters are more efficient than walkers or electric wheelchairs for several reasons:

*They are easier to maneuver because steering functions like a handlebar on a bicycle.
*They provide a smoother ride.
*They are often less expensive than electric wheelchairs.
*They are easily transportable, as many mobility scooters will break down into various parts.
*They are generally lighter in weight than electric wheelchairs.

One line known for its advanced mobility scooters is Pride. The Pride mobility scooter is a top-of-the-line product, owing to the company's reputation for being a leader in design and development.

It is important to know that all scooters are not the same. Pride offers a range of scooter styles. Three-wheel scooters have two wheels in the back and one in the front, perfect for zipping in, out and around objects. The 3-wheel travel models are a bit more agile and meant for those on the go. These travel scooters are easy to disassemble and store, but not as comfortable as their 3- and 4-wheel cousins.

Pride's 4-wheel mobility scooters offer more stability and are mostly used for indoor/outdoor purposes. With two back wheels and two front wheels, these scooters are not quite as maneuverable as their three-wheel counterparts, but they are much more durable.

There are also numerous accessories that can be purchased with your mobility scooter - everything from oxygen tank holders to batteries to vehicle lifts.

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