Natural remedies for insomnia

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Many cannot fall asleep because they have too much on their mind
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Before turning to medicine, try these natural remedies for insomnia.

Having trouble sleeping every once in awhile? Many people do. Here are some gentle natural remedies for insomnia that will help you get to sleep without medication. If your insomnia continues, see your physician to talk about alternative methods.

Preventing Insomnia

Set a Regular Bedtime. To prevent insomnia, set your bedtime at a regular hour. This helps your body know when it is time to rest.

Be Comfortable. Make sure that your bed is comfortable. Whether you like a firm or a soft mattress, make sure that it supports your body in a comfortable way.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol before sleeping, ideally from the early afternoon on. Many people can discover they are sensitive to caffeine and that extra soda at 2 p.m. can really cause a problem in the evening.

So as they say, prevention can truly be much of the cure. Hopefully those solutions will help you keep insomnia at bay.

Treating Insomnia

If you still have trouble falling asleep, here are some natural remedies for insomnia to help you gently lull yourself into peaceful slumber:

A Glass of Warm Milk. This is a classic, but that's because it works. Drinking a glass of warm milk often helps people fall asleep. The calcium in the milk will help you relax.  

Lavender Oil. Several drops of lavender oil in a carrier oil (such as almond oil) or simply sprinkled onto your bed sheets will help you fall asleep. Essential oils can have a positive effect on your emotional state. Lavender is known for being relaxing. Find some body lotion with lavender oil in it (it needs to be natural, pure lavender oil not just scented lavender) and then massage this into your skin. It smells wonderful and it is a gentle way to fall asleep.  

Soothing Bath. A bath can help relax your muscles and help you calm down. Many times when we can't sleep it is because we have things on our minds, or we are physically uncomfortable. A bath can help relax your mind and your body. Consider adding some Epsom or sea salts to your bathwater to make your bath even more relaxing. A 20-minute bath in warm water will make you feel wonderful and ready for sleep.  

Restorative Yoga. There are many different types of yoga; some yoga can energize you and some yoga can relax you. Restorative yoga helps relax your body and nervous system. "PM Yoga" by Rodney Yee is an excellent, 20-minute CD of restorative yoga to do when you are having trouble sleeping.  

Keep a Journal. Many people cannot sleep because they have things on their mind. Perhaps they are looking for a solution to a problem or they are just having trouble getting something out of their minds. Getting everything out on paper allows you to express your emotions and ideas so they aren't running around in your head anymore. Writing down your feelings can also help you find a practical solution to a problem.

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