Natural skin remedies

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Pamper your skin with natural ingredients not harsh chemicals
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Get healthy, glowing skin from natural remedies.

Soft, luxurious, and blemish free skin is what we all strive for. In today's market of skin care products, where do you start to select the products best suited for your skin? There are lots of expensive over the counter products that have a list of chemicals you can't pronounce let alone know how they will react with your skin. Many products have man-made ingredients that claim to reverse the signs of aging, clear acne, or reduce dark circles, but seem to have minimal effect.

Remedies from Mother Nature

Why not try what Mother Nature has provided for centuries? Many cosmetic companies are now seeing the benefits of natural skin remedies and have developed lotions, creams and gels to naturally sooth and cleanse the skin. All-natural ingredients such as cucumber, lemon or lavender are right under our noses and provide glowing results!

Reduce premature skin aging

Some of the best products on the market today will use a combination of natural ingredients to produce healthy skin. Many natural skin remedies have the extra added benefit of protecting skin against free radicals (such as pollutants, chemicals and smoke exposure) that tend to age skin prematurely. Here is a list of natural ingredients, which happen to be vegetables, that tone, cleanse, soothe and moisturize skin. Look for these ingredients in your skin care product choices.

Extract of cucumber - calms, hydrates and refreshes skin. Great for facial masks or try placing slices of whole cucumber over the eyes for a cool, nourishing effect.

Extract of cabbage - acts as an antioxidant, which prevents and repairs damage done by free radicals.

Extract of lettuce - is great for people with sensitive skin and is known for its delicate astringent qualities.

Extract of celery - firms and softens skin.

Extract of rice - gives skin a healthy, silky glow.

These common, all-natural ingredients give new meaning to mom's words of wisdom: "Eat your Vegetables." Here is a list of do-it-yourself natural skin remedies with common ingredients you can find in your cupboard or refrigerator. These homemade remedies are quick and easy for anyone to use.

Insect Bites - Essential oils can bring relief to the stinging and itching of those annoying bug bites. Oils such as lavender, fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar provide prompt relief. Simply dab the essential oil on the insect bite with a cotton swab.

Applesauce Facial - Cook an apple until it can be mashed. Strain and retain liquid. Add 1 tsp lemon juice and a tsp dried herb (such as parsley, sage, peppermint, or chamomile) to the liquid. Leave on your face for 5 minutes, rinse and apply a moisturizer.

Facial Steam - To soften skin and release impurities, bring a pan of water to boil and then remove from the stove. Put 5 drops of the essential oils (rose or geranium) into the pan. Cover your head with a towel and lean over pan. The steam opens your pores, releasing toxins and dead skin cells for a clean, healthy shine.

Natural skin remedies are a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. With Mother Nature's bounty all around us, natural ingredients help to protect skin and give it a healthy, clean glow.

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