What are natural ways to fall asleep?

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Selecting organic bedding and investing in an air purifier can help you to sleep naturally and comfortably.
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Tossing, turning and want to know what are natural ways to fall asleep?

A bedroom should be a safe haven, and a healthy, clean environment, especially since it is the place where the average person spends one-third of their lives. 

However, many people struggle with sleep disorders that are caused or aggravated by toxins found within the bedroom environment. Analyzing your bed and bedroom become a major component in discovering what are natural ways to fall asleep.

If you are seeking a better night's rest, or researching natural ways to fall asleep, begin by taking a closer look at your bedroom environment.  Here are some tips and suggestions to help you identify potential toxins and culprits for nighttime discomfort, and three tips for improving your bedroom environment, naturally.

Natural Ways to Fall Asleep: Simple Tips to Enhance Your Bedroom Environment

1.  Air Quality: 

Many people who toss and turn all night are unaware that compromised indoor air quality can lead to sleep disorders and nighttime discomfort.  Smoke, cooking odors, molds, pollens, allergens from dust mites or chemical sources, as well as bacteria can all drastically impact the air quality in a bedroom environment. 

A critical step for those seeking natural ways to fall asleep, is investing in a HEPA filter or high quality air purifier that can remove the majority of airborne particles.

2.  Organic Bedding: 

Conventional mattresses contain a surprisingly high number of toxic chemicals.  Since the 1950's fire retardants and other chemicals such as phosphorous, antimony and arsenic have have been added to mattresses. 

Recent studies have begun to prove that a fungus, which commonly grows in bedding, can interact with these chemicals and create toxic gasses.

In fact, some ground breaking medical studies are linking sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) to the toxic chemicals found in bedding.  According to studies, these toxic gasses can fatally poison an infant, causing the shutdown of central nervous system and heart function.

Wise parents have opted for all natural organic bedding for their children.  Although toxic bedding is certainly not lethal to adults, synthetic fibers and chemically treated bedding materials can cause interrupted sleep patterns, since they don not breathe or absorb moisture.  Fluctuating body temperatures can cause adults to wake with night sweats and a generalized feeling of discomfort.      

Anyone seeking natural ways to fall asleep should take great care to select organic mattresses and bedding made with certified raw materials such as organic cotton, wool, and 100% natural rubber latex.

3.  Remove Distractions:

When it comes to your bedroom environment, removing distractions can prove to be one of the most natural ways to fall asleep.  Turn off the television and radio, and eliminate any light sources to be sure the room is completely dark. 

Some people do benefit from white noise; try soft music, or natural sounding recordings.  Good nighttime music should have a smooth transition from one song to the next.

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